The Bulldog Is a Reliable Friend

A lot of people have heard of bulldog or seen one of these dogs at least once in their lifetime. During hundreds of years, very many people considered the bulldog as one of the favourite dog breeds to be their companion. Originally, bulldogs were known as fighting dogs and have been used by the British to protect their livestock. There was a long period when bullfighting was very popular among British people and many others and in this time the bulldog became one of the favourits among the breeders of fighting dogs because it has a very strong bite. The appearence of the bulldog is one of a dog that is really suited for fighting, with its body beeing strong and square built, the muscular constitution and its large head with the characteristic folds of skin. Another characteristic feature of its face that makes of the bulldog an easy to recognize breed is its short and squared muzzle having those specific strong and undershot jaws that are bitting strong and never let go what they grabbed. Over the years, the bulldog has been noted for it bites that people often fear the bulldog when they attack.

The owners of bulldog know very well that they are actually very gentle companions, though having a dominant personality and despite their ferocious look that inspires fear to strangers. As you look through this website, you will learn how the bulldog became recognized as one of man’s best friends and why.

The Appropriate Dog Just Waits For You To Choose It

There are lots of psychological aspects that make us to differ of each others, like our tastes, tempers or personalities. We also differ when it comes to having a pet, and if we decided we want a dog for pet, we have to choose the right dog for us, and we have to choose it by studying its personality, because you need to be compatible to your dog. When it comes to the bulldog, although this dog would look tough and ferocious, it’s actually very kind hearted. They are also very patient and tolerant when it comes to children that for many years, the bulldog is considered as one of the most suitable breeds for children. The dog lovers know very well that bulldogs do not complain when children play with them. They are not really known to complain when they get hurt so when children sometimes accidentally hurt the bulldog, this dog will not really get irritated easily.

The bulldog is however one of the best of the guard dog breeds, as its appearence, its muscular constitution and its fame are showing. For a burgler, the bulldog looking ferocious and acting aggressively is a very good reason to keep distance of. It is not an effective warning dog. The bulldog does not usually bark or give a person warning when it is about to attack.

Bulldog was all the time a popular dog and a reliable companion. Many other information about the history of the bulldog are available on this website.

The bulldog breed was created hundred years ago by the British cattle breeders for the protection of their livestock and was developed by the breeders of fighting dogs. In the present, buldogs are known as reliable companions and are cheerished by their owners due to their great hearts. It may seem strange, but the bulldog is very suitable as playing companion for chidren, because their are patient, tolerant and never complain, even when hurt.



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