Prepare Your House for the New Bulldog Puppy

Prepare yourself, your family and your house before bringing the new bulldog puppy home from the breeder’s facility, insure it with a special place to rest, the supplies you will need firstly and good healthy food for dog pups. It is always a good idea to have everything ready because the house would always be in an uproar with excitement as soon as you get through the door with the bulldog pup. In the excitement of the acquisition of a new bulldog puppy, you should remember there are a few things that you will need to take care prior to getting your pup from the breeder. Note that when you receive your puppy, you should also receive papers proving registrations and the likes. You will receive a Registration Certificate of the bulldog puppy blood line, a copy of its pedigree, documents recording immunizations and de-worming and the veterinarian certificate showing that the bulldog puppies are in good health.

Once the legal documents are fulfilled, do not forget to ask from the breeder detailed instruction about how to feed and take care of the puppy in the first months. Ask also the breeder about the schedule of activities he used the puppy with, so that you’ll be able to maintain the same routine within the first weeks of the puppy in its new home. If you must introduce some changes, you should make sure that you do so gradually so as not upset the puppy.

At many breeders you’ll find puppies playing with toys, and most breeders will agree to give you also the favorite toy of the puppy you bought. In most cases, letting the puppy take its favorite toy would ease up some of its anxieties.

The Arrival of the Bulldog Puppy to its New Home

Once the whole paper work is done at the breeder’s place, it is the time to get the bulldog puppy to its new home. All the members of your family will be excited by the arrival of the new bulldog pup in their home. Children usually love puppies and they tend to be overly excited about having something and someone to play with that they would tend to pester the puppy a lot. To give your bulldog puppy sometime to recover from being separated from its family, you should explain to the kids that the puppy is just like a baby that needs rest and should be taken care of very well. You should also explain your kids how they can help the puppy to feel comfortable with its new home. If the kids must play with your bulldog pup, they should do so in moderation so that the bulldog puppy will who get exhausted. Children must be always reminded that such a young pup needs a lot of rest and cuddling.

When you have bought the puppy for one of your children, allow that kid to name the dog. If you have children in your family and want that one of them to take care of the new bulldog puppy, let him or her to name the pet, because the owner names a dog, so this will be the first thing to prove your kid is responsible for the bulldog puppy.

Prepare your house for the new bulldog puppy. There is paper work to do for the bulldog puppy. Allow your child to name the puppy.

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