Installing a Doggy Door: A Good Idea?

For dog owners who live in their own houses, installing a doggie door on a door that connects the house to the backyard is a way to give their dog some independence of movement. People who have a sliding glass door might think that they are out of luck when thinking about putting in a doggy door, but that is not the case. In fact, there are not one, but two types of doggie doors that can be installed on glass doors without the risk of breaking them or making them fragile.

Kinds of Doggie Doors

Doggie doors that can be installed on glass doors are the panel door and the door within a door. The first type is a door that measure the same as the sliding door, and while it reduces the space that people have to get out, it works as a normal doggie door otherwise.

The door within the door requires that a hole be cut in the glass so that the door for the pet can be installed

In addition to dog doors that can be installed on glass doors, there are also other types that work on regular doors, like the automatic slider doggie doors. These doors are suited for larger breeds of dogs since they are designed to open the entire door for the dog to pass through at will. However, the most common type of doggie door installed in regular wooden doors is the flap door, which has to be pushed open by the dog and can be opened both ways.

Due to the popularity of doggie doors, manufacturers are always trying to come up with new types of doggie doors, such as the sash doors and the door mounts. With so many options available in the market, a dog owner should have no problem finding the doggy door that adapts to his or her needs and budget, and for his or her dog too, of course.

Installing a doggie door is very easy and practical. They can even be installed in glass doors. You can pretty much install a doggy door in any kind of door.

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