Male Or Female Bulldog Puppy

Choosing the gender of your dog is very important. It is not wise to just simply pick out the first available bulldog pup that you can find. Note that the male bulldog and the female bulldog have different needs by virtue of the bodily functions. As the female bulldog may bear bulldog puppies in the future, you should always that their puppy bearing nature when you go out and select a bulldog puppy. Furthermore, the male bulldog and the female bulldog may have some difference when it comes to temperaments. Generally, a male bulldog would tend to be more aggressive and dominant than and female bulldog and would more likely to pick up fights. However, when the female bulldog is bitching, is can also be very headstrong and aggressive when protecting her young.

The Advantages Of Getting A Male Bulldog

A male bulldog is ideal for people who could not really be bothered with a dog giving birth. If you are one of those people who would like to enjoy the company of your bulldog puppy without having to worry about your dog growing old and producing yet more bulldog puppies, then the make dog would be suitable for you. Furthermore, a male bulldog does not just as much problems when it comes to urinary tack infection as that of the female. Since the organ of the male is not open like the female, you are less likely to have urinary track problems on the male bulldog than a female dog.

Advantages Of The Female Bulldog

If you want to breed you dog, it would be a good idea to get a female dog. Although you can also breed your male dog, having the female dog for breeding is a lot more fun. If you love dogs, you can actually have more dogs in the house if you have a female without having to spend a lot of money on a puppy. Furthermore, if you want to sell your puppies, you can actually earn some money. You just have to make sure that whomever you will sell bulldog puppies to will take care of it properly.

On the other hand, the downside of having a female bulldog is that you could really be in for a more medical problems than if you have a male bulldog. For one thing, when a female dog gives birth, it can suffer from some complications that will require a cesarean section. Note that it would usually take a bulldog a long time to give birth to the puppies that cesarean section will eventually be needed to save both the mother and the bulldog puppies. Yet, the birthing process is usually worth it. Just seeing those lovely little bulldog puppies would make up for all your troubles. In fact, you will forget your troubles almost instantly as you concentrate on thinking about theĀ bulldog puppy names to give to the newly born pups.

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