Health Concerns Facing The Bulldog

Bulldogs are generally healthy dogs but every now and the bulldog health problems do crop up. In order for you to better able to cope with bulldog health problems and bulldog care, you should learn more about the common bulldog health problems early on. One of the best ways for you to learn bulldog care and how to cope with bulldog health problems, you should buy a book or subscribe to magazines about dogs. You may also download some reading materials online regarding bulldog care so that you can study them. If you can talk to the bulldog breeder whom you bought the dog from, it would be a good idea to ask about the medical history of the ancestors and siblings of your bulldog so that you can have so ideas on what to expect from your bulldog.

Common Bulldog Health Problems

One of the most common bulldog health problems is bloating. Bloating also called gastric dilation is caused by air filling the stomach of your dog. Some early signs of bloating are the excessive salivation and drooling of your bulldog, extreme restlessness, failed attempts to vomit or defecate, abdominal distention and stomach pain. In most cases, a bulldog is very tolerant to pain so it will not really complain much if it has stomach pain. However, when your dog is bloating, it will groan or whine when you press its tummy. When your dog starts farting or burping, the pain in the stomach could easy up but to be sure, you should call you veterinarian because severe pain the stomach could actually more serious that you originally thought it is. Your dog could actually have more a serious case gastric torsion or the twisting of the stomach which definitely life threatening.

Another very common bulldog health problem is the elongated soft palate, which a type of breathing disorders. If the palate of the dog is too long, it blocks the airways of your dog and makes it difficult for it to breathe. This could be a serious problem because your dog could actually choke out for lack of air. Early signs of this respiratory problem are excessive panting, inability to calm down quickly when excited, vomiting and loud raspy breathing. If you observe these symptoms on your bulldog, you should make sure that you give him the right bulldog care. You must also make sure that your dog gets the necessary medical attention.

Other major health concerns facing the bulldog would include canine hip dysplasion, shoulder luxation, internalized tail and kerotoconjunctivitis sicca. When it come to minor health concerns that still need general bulldog care, we have the urethral prolapse, vagianal hyperlasia, the elbow dysplasia, the cherry eye, patellar luxation, entopin and ectropion. However, since the bulldog generally is an active and healthy breed of dog, you don’t really have to worry too much about bulldog health problems. You just have to make sure that you know how to choose a vet for your bulldog.

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