August 16, 2008

Bull Terrier vs French Bulldog

Snoet playing very sweet with the cutest French Bulldog i've ever seen letting him take her ball… we must be very carefull with that :-))

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August 16, 2008

soggynippleses @ 4:46 pm

not so much balance …
not so much balance as communication…. they posture their tail differently to show their attitude towards other dogs or people. It can help you prevent dog fights or the dog biting people if you can tell when they are aggressive you can correct that behavior and properly train them.

soggynippleses @ 4:46 pm

LMAO! i guess thats …
LMAO! i guess thats why they call em the clowns eh

budmillas @ 4:46 pm

what a great video. …
what a great video..both dogs are just beautiful!! I have dogs from both breeds, so i like this video especially!

loki1066 @ 4:46 pm

yES I can say …
yES I can say something bad about her. She shouldn't go giving things away that were bought for HER. It's ungrateful, and that other dog will just end up abusing her generosity.

momcat1953 @ 4:46 pm

bullies are very …
bullies are very loving, very funny, very stubborn. but if you like terriers in general, you're used to that. mine is so weird, he walks backwards over certain parts of the floor. and combat crawls across the lawn.

eduvc123 @ 4:46 pm

I'm not getting a …
I'm not getting a dog any soon…
but some day when my life is all together the I think I want to have a bull terrier.
and did you mean the tail is important for balance?

paspassie @ 4:46 pm

Before you 'get' a …
Before you 'get' a dog you better first educate yourself about the breed, with any breed! Every dog needs his tail it's very important for his communication!

eduvc123 @ 4:46 pm

I have a question, …
I have a question, In case a get bullterrier, is it better for the dog once to have his tail cut or to actually have the tail?

paspassie @ 4:46 pm

Only the bull …
Only the bull terrier is mine but know what you mean they look great together!

dizzyju @ 4:46 pm

what a wonderful …
what a wonderful combo i dream of owning both these breeds . how lucky you are

paspassie @ 4:46 pm

Wel… they can't …
Wel… they can't help it i think, they just don't know better

mafromai @ 4:46 pm

Wonderful…I had a …
Wonderful…I had a Bull Terrier once. I love it. I dont love people like routhoula.

Pigimontana1 @ 4:46 pm

a lot of people …
a lot of people thing bad things on bullterriers but it isnt so bullterrier are verry nice dogs!!!

paspassie @ 4:46 pm

I'm sorry for you! …
I'm sorry for you! What you hear probably is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience…
Like with people there are a lot of good and a lot of bad people, surprise: same with dogs some good some bad no mather what breed & like with people some upbringing and training doesn't hurt. Take a look at my dog, can you say anything bad about her?

routhoula @ 4:46 pm

i havn't hear the …
i havn't hear the best words for bull terriers

krasos87 @ 4:46 pm

lucky!very …
lucky!very beautiful dogs…

paspassie @ 4:46 pm

You're scarry ;-))
You're scarry ;-))

ztuhcsyebb @ 4:46 pm

Love Snoet!!

If …
Love Snoet!!

If I knew where she lived, I'd be tempted to
puppy-nap her. She's great!!

rmw1348 @ 4:46 pm

Two of my favorite …
Two of my favorite dog breeds very artfully portrayed!

666brt666 @ 4:46 pm

Well, they both had …
Well, they both had black eyes at the end of it…so it's a tie! It was cute when the Frenchie had to put his (her? didn't check…) whole head under water to get the ball….but he came up with it!

kemosabe707 @ 4:46 pm

We have Corgi's …
We have Corgi's they FRAP, my sister has a female Bull Terrier and she Hucklebutts. Thanks for the response, I'll keep watching for your videos.

paspassie @ 4:46 pm

That's the French …
That's the French Bulldog Snoet is the English Bull Terriër.

kemosabe707 @ 4:46 pm

What kind of dog is …
What kind of dog is the smaller one? Great video, thanks. Napa, CA

umatfaraday @ 4:46 pm

snoets videos just …
snoets videos just get better and better! perfect actor/director team!

BigshotBTs @ 4:46 pm

What a cuties !!
What a cuties !!

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