September 24, 2008

English bulldog puppies for adoption

hello, we have two English bulldog puppies ready for adoption, they are home and potty trained and are very playful and kind to other home pets and are resistant to changing environmental conditions, get to us for more details.

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September 24, 2008

sarah_jean7 @ 2:15 pm

Why are some English bulldog puppies free for adoption?
I have been researching English bulldogs and have been wanting one for quite a while. The only thing that holds me back to get one is the high cost. In my local newspaper, I have come across some classifieds where the pups are free for adoption. They say that they have been vet checked, but it sounds too good to be true.
I sent an e-mail to the seller and just received a reply. They said they are missionaries in Africa, and it will cost me $250 for them to ship me the pup. This has scam written all over it. I new it was. Thanks for all the great answering and getting my head out of the clouds.

maxmom @ 2:17 pm

Well, it probably is too good to be true, but call and ask what the deal is.

They may be mixed.
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Rachel D @ 2:19 pm

They might just need to get rid of them fast, but you should do some research before you adopt one. Ask if they've had their shots (and if the owner says yes, ask if you can see some record of it) and examine the puppies yourself.
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angelsmile @ 2:21 pm

i've never heard's probaly mixed i betcha!..just call and ask what there mixed with and i bet they tell you..or ask why there free..
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Kiki B @ 2:23 pm

call and find out, don't go there alone and check it out. Might be a total scam, or just someone who is clueless, or a stolen litter of dogs?
who knows, doesn't hurt to look, but remember that even though they might be free, in the long run it/ they could cost you a bundle..
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bluebonnetgranny @ 2:25 pm

You can buy pet quality ones for several hundred dollars but if it is free I would ask, "What is wrong with this dog?"

You get what you pay for. If it is cheap ask a lot of questions & find out why it is so cheap. What is wrong with it?

To get a quality pure breed you will pay a couple thousand dollars. Where pet quality (not to be bred) will run several hundred.

Pet quality means that the dog should not be bred because it has faults, predisposition for mental & physical problems. Will, probably, cost you a lot for Vet visits in the long run.

Call the breed rescue in your area & see if they can help you find a dog. Check at the pound & rescue shelters, they often have fairly good looking pet qualitity dogs for adoption. Adoption fees range depending on the outfit & location & kind of rescue. All they are doing is trying to give these dogs a second chance for life.

You might find what you want at one of the above places.
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KiKi @ 2:27 pm

Call to make appointment. Say you want to see the parents.
They may have the puppies by accidents and they don't want to keep. I don't think it is a big deal to pay all the shots yourself later. It is most important to make sure the parents and pups are health.
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Poms4Life @ 2:29 pm

Bull dog puppies free. In my opinion it sounds too good to be true.
Maybe something is wrong with the puppies or they are not purebred puppies.

If I were you I would keep saving for a well-bred dog and then once you have enough saved up then you can get a puppy.
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Chiappone @ 2:31 pm

If the ad didn't specifically say English bulldog, just bulldog they're probably a mix of some bully breed that someone is trying to get rid of quick. If it did say English, then it sounds suspicious to me. I'd call and just ask what the deal was, and to see the pups and parents.
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Kit_kat @ 2:33 pm

yes when you check into it they are either all gone and oh we have a person that got pups and can't keep tehy are missionaries in Africa or you will find they are overseas. They only want $250 for shipping but tellyou they don't need to be quarantinesd
also there is one advertising them and they are only 4 weeks old and supposidlyu already have shots and can be shipped from teh UK however the UNITED STATES has laws that is not legal for most of this.
Oh and if you ask for a picture nest to todays paper proving they are true or real pups none of them can do that.I only figure it's because they don't actually have the pups to do so also it's been proven when you ask for pictures they get them from others ads and that's why they can't do it with a paper witha date.
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chcked a lot out myself

jerry k @ 2:35 pm

i saw you question and how he said he was in africa it is a scam i got scamed to we sent the money and no dog never came. so i started to do some research and boy let me tell u this guy got alot of people when i read people stories about this it kills me that i person can do this. please i hope u sent no money
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go to puppy

October 11, 2008

nicole robinson @ 7:21 pm

this sounds to good to be true but im very intrested in adopting one of these puppies

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