December 25, 2008

English Bulldog Exercise on Treadmill

Our beloved Chaucer loves to walk on the treadmill! He can go up to 30 minutes at a time. this is his favourite part of the day!

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December 25, 2008

lilsuzec @ 6:04 pm

Wow. I have two …
Wow. I have two bullies. Abigail is scared of her own shadow, much less a moving treadmill, Winston can't be bothered. I am impressed.

Notanotherscreenname @ 6:04 pm


krissygirl333 @ 6:04 pm

that is cute. …
that is cute. Sophie would love that. She likes to walk. But not too long

Azorino @ 6:04 pm

what good …
what good excericise I wish I had a treadmill for my boy

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