The Beeping Training Collar

Have you tried everything to get your dog to listen to you? You have tried different training methods, like treating reinforcement for good behavior, specialized training classes, and a firm commanding voice to make it listen, but you are not a specialized dog trainer. If you have tried various methods of training your dog to behave and he is still acting you aren’t saying a word to him, don’t despair. We need to get well with our dogs, even if we don’t speak each others’ language. Nowadays, both trainers and pet owners have the chance of using an electronic training device that had proven its effectivenes in the training of all breeds of dogs, all over the world, even of those well known as stubborn ones. We just need to ask for a Training Collar to specialized shops.

A training collar is a special electronic collar that goes around your dog’s neck like any other collar. The collar includes a device you can trigger from the remote control that is typically designed to have two functions. The first of these functions is often a warning button. In order to stop your dog’s bad behaviour or wrong activity, if the dog ignores your command, all you have to do is to press the warning button on the remote control, and through radio waves, the collar is triggered to emit a warning beep. The second is the shock button, working similarily with the warning button, but triggering the collar to deliver a startling shock to the dog which ignores both your command and the warning beep. Called as the negative reinforcement, this training method uses different aversive stimuli.

Most people believe the collar is an inhumane object to use when training a dog but it is no different from using a spray bottle or a swift smack on the nose. How humane the collar is completely depends on the user. There might be dog owners who set the shock intensity to the highest level and just press the button over and over again, this would be inhumane treatment. However, most pet owners that have used a training collar have found that they have only ever had to shock their pet two or three times before the warning beeps were enough to correct his or her behavior. You can even use the warning beep twice or thrice, and your dog will quickly learn the message. And there is the positive reinforcement method, teaching you to reward your dog whenever he obeys your command.

After a short training period your dog will listen your commands, avoiding this way many troubling situations. He will listen to your commands and not run off chasing after whatever catches his eye. The Training Collar is definitely a better alternative than giving up to your stubborn dog.

The collars are in fact humane trainig methods. The dog is just startled by the shock. You can always try the shock on yourself. Thousands of dog owners used collars with satisfactorily results. Why shouldn’t you?.

This type of training device is known as the Training Collar. Thousands of dog owners used collars with satisfactorily results. It is better to use a Training Collar to train a stubborn dog than to give it to a shelter.

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