Why the Use of Bark Collars Is Forbidden in Some Parts of Australia?

Dogs bark. This is how they express themselves. There are many reasons why a dog barks, from hunger to fear. A normal barking is no problem for anyone. Yet, some dogs bark more than normal. If you own such a dog, then you probably figured out that it stressed out everyone in your family and the neighbors as well. You’re probably looking for solutions for the problems your noisy dog cause. Some people think that the solution should be anti bark collars.

However, these collars cannot be purchased in some Australian states. It is illegal to ship the collars into Australia as most states restrict or prohibit their use to stop barking. There are still companies that ship these collars to Australia, and they can do so by disassembling them before they enter the country or selling them under other names.

If you live in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia, you will not be able to purchase bark collars, yet they are legal in Norther Territory and Victoria, but only after you’ve exhausted all other options. In these two states you need a document signed by the vet in order to purchase bark collars. There are currently no prohibitions against bark collars in Western Australia, Tasmania or Queensland.

Among the three types of bark collars, the static collar uses mild shocks. Whenever the dog barks, he gets a shock. Static collars have adjustable levels. For instance, the shock increases in intensity with time. The shock is more powerful if the dog barks again within the next 30 seconds. It continues this way up to 7-10 levels.

The reason that they are illegal or restricted in most of Australia is that these kind of bark collars are considered cruel. These devices are forbidden in other countries as well. Fans of the collars say that the shock itself isn’t painful. Others tested these devices themselves and claim they are painful. These people say the shocks are extremely unpleasant.

Anyway, the shock collar isn’t the only option you have. One option is citronella collars. These devices use the same principle. Instead of administering the shock when a dog barks, they simply eliminate a citrus smell. Dogs tend to avoid the smell and they stop barking. They are not painful as the shock collars.

Dog training is a great alternative to bark collars. There are plenty of dog trainers or pet centers that offer training on how to get a dog to stop barking. Using the training along with the citronella collar is a better choice than using a painful bark collar to shock a dog.

Bark collars are banned in many Australian states. Australian dog owners are forced to consider other alternatives to train their dogs.

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There are many options to teach your dog good behavior, such as dog training or use bark collars.. In some states in Australia, dog collars are forbidden by law, as they are considered cruel methods of training. If you want to read more about purchasing bark collars in Australia, click this link.



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