September 22, 2008

Preseason #1 Georgia Bulldogs

my observations of a rare breed of backwoods rednecks. They call themselves Dawgs fans. They're as fairweather as a sunny day in May. I do not like Georgia, this is me making fun of them. Enjoy with caution

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September 22, 2008

NakedLadyMudFlap @ 7:04 pm

Don't quit your day …
Don't quit your day job. If you think that this is funny, then you have no future as a comedian.

treydunncomedy @ 7:04 pm

what makes you …
what makes you think im a bama fan, what if im a gator fan, or god forbid fat phil follower

capncreamypants @ 7:04 pm

that video was gay …
that video was gay as fuck…you must be a bama fan. I've heard much better, 2/10. Sorry…also, please learn to sing for gods sake.

ripsupercity @ 7:04 pm

ok, but we haven't …
ok, but we haven't played a pac 10 team yet, and we're #1. K wise guy…

and the funny thing is,
"USC would go undefeated against the SEC"

WE ARE HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE EVERYONE IN THE NATION, remember that… an All SEC team might compete with us….

dgrimes00 @ 7:04 pm

Pac-10 blows. …
Pac-10 blows. Georgia would go undefeated in that league.

dgrimes00 @ 7:04 pm

Go Dawgs!
Go Dawgs!

lesr923 @ 7:04 pm

so "got-dayum" true …
so "got-dayum" true. Pure hilarity but spot on

ripsupercity @ 7:04 pm

USC = #1 when it …
USC = #1 when it counts…. in season

ryanzero97 @ 7:04 pm

damn that part bout …
that part bout musa smith was funny as man

Dubya5588 @ 7:04 pm

yeeeeehaw you're …
yeeeeehaw you're awesome man, how long have you been playing? GREAT work!!!

bterwin9887 @ 7:04 pm

take it to em dawgs!
take it to em dawgs!

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