November 6, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 Moe Bulldogs One Wog Rap Song

new rap music from moe bulldogs 2008 One Wog remix to the games song One Blood
Lyrics for One Wog

Game I See Dead people
Yo Game Thought I was Dead


Im the Games Advocate

Lebo Moe Shot Ya

Brought me back from the dead

That's why they call him The Doctor

The koosa gon drop him

If CM aint rokin wid him no mor

Its ok I get it Poppin

The whole club rockin like a f350 ferrari

Drink H20 throw it up call the shyt hydraulics

Then in the cup call the shyt hypnotic

I bleed Punchbowl spit blood an coke

An you new Wogs aint but new Wogz

Hairy gorilla wogs im talking to u wogs

Bounce in the Ferrari throwing up Westside man

Get $420 a fortnight from centrelink yes I am

Fresh like dam this Lebo Did it again

2bux around his neck

Sydney above the rim

Inside the Ferrari

Shot gun wid Sunny

What would the mutha fukin Sydney be without
one Bra Boy an one Wog

chorus one Wog One Wog WOG

im from Westside of 2196 punchbowl

when lebos say where you from

we neva say fully siiiiiiik

kebab on the right side

shank on the left side

wogs from parramatta know how to rep the bulldogs

word to pac im so sexy belive me

that's why bytches love teezy

But the rest of you wogs better be glad your breathing

All I need is one Reason

Im the king an Game said Australia needs me

I don't know why all you leboz keep trying me

Everybody know I got no hair down ther seriously

An I aint gota make koosa in the tanjra

What dj gona turn down a mixed plate

You're a gronk an u still rappin uhhh

Im 22 cuz so is the bubs

On a 09 ferrari hop out

No body guard you when the argeelah

Smoke clear all you goin see is (one Wog)

Us wogs got no beef wid cronulla

No meat pies with the shire

Whats meat pies when we all eat big macs on the same tray?

An the double flame grill whoppers we eat everyday

I keep em on display

Blue an white t shirt so all you see is the B bulldogz

Turn on the tv all you see is the Moe

You haters better make up a dance to try to get radio play

Keep on sayin its not my Ferrari

Cause I know when you see me in it

You all burn everyday

I don't regret what I spit

Cause I know what game I play

Haterz talk about me they don't know when to stop

I got the louis vouton belt bukle holding my

No dom no pills I know when to blo

I wait till lil jon come on to let off a shot

I had the number one youtube spot

Haterz stepped on my fingers while some was sucking my coc

Im hectic electric I don't giv a la aryi the world

This is my an its not a warning an u betta get my album when it drops

U all gronkz

Duration : 0:9:13

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November 6, 2008

FelestinyAseel @ 8:39 am

Lol you will get …
Lol you will get shot for making this video if u came to amerika

nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

lek go urself u …
lek go urself u piece of u son of a .. u fukn playa hater dog .. lek ayri feek ya kanzeer

billyhad123 @ 8:39 am

one sad man …
one sad man or i should say

ak4theside @ 8:39 am

look fool i did't …
look fool i did't say that to u guoldford boy
i said that to ronjeremysson

nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

ur mums lame
ur mums lame

nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

realy now? go get …
realy now? go get fukd say it to my face dikhed

nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

realy now go …
realy now go urself an suk my dik.. u cant rap for ur just a playa hater il demolish anymotha fuka in my raps ok so eat a dik loser

nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

then dont watch it …
then dont watch it ayri

FelestinyAseel @ 8:39 am

straight up trash …
straight up trash for real

RonJeremysSon @ 8:39 am

wat the u …
wat the u up man ur ill get a real rapper for u…ur a shitest ever

MOBMakaveli @ 8:39 am

worst rapper ever:D
worst rapper ever:D

ak4theside @ 8:39 am

ur lame
ur lame

art0fwar @ 8:39 am

thats wat happens …
thats wat happens in punchbowl ahahahahah! ur a funny kunt! yalla make some more shit

0991GH @ 8:39 am

sik kunt cuz
love …

sik kunt cuz
love it

moeski1 @ 8:39 am


nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

fuk u cok suka
u cok suka

dadyslilmonster @ 8:39 am


nrl2161 @ 8:39 am


nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

i know man wold b …
i know man wold b good ay

MzSheriihan @ 8:39 am

LOL @ yu playing …
LOL @ yu playing gta4 . if only yu could steal real police cars and kill all the gronks lmaoo . very cute

sweetmama208 @ 8:39 am

loooool..pretty …
loooool..pretty good!! LOVE IT !!

Cripping93 @ 8:39 am

Daper? really …
Daper? really nothin wong with this song so why shud they remove it?

nrl2161 @ 8:39 am

i cant bro they pay …
i cant bro they pay me big buks

lukeyduke434 @ 8:39 am

crap a daper song …
crap a daper song get it off the web

Lebo187 @ 8:39 am

gr8 song bro
gr8 song bro

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