July 11, 2008

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - I Got To Have It

Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs
"I Got To Have It"
Life Of A Kid In Da Ghetto

Duration : 0:3:20

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July 11, 2008

KarlNemetski @ 2:11 pm

Captain Karl …
Captain Karl Nemetski is col' groovin' ta this Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs HHJazz jizont… ya dig?

2nuggs1 @ 2:11 pm

what was this 91??? …
what was this 91??? they dont make hip hop like they used to

PHENOM781 @ 2:11 pm

Damn 88.9

shansmeeze @ 2:11 pm

black people unite …
black people unite and lets all get down!

DrJPhoenixx @ 2:11 pm

Actually, Intro got …
Actually, Intro got that sample from somewhere else…the sample comes from Bohannon. Look him up, and you'll hear it.

deechillah @ 2:11 pm

I like how they was …
I like how they was all doing the fred sanford in unison

xprmental @ 2:11 pm

YO git funky!
YO git funky!

jdollarz94 @ 2:11 pm

Way too funky!
Way too funky!

VideyoJunkei @ 2:11 pm

Probably a "no …
Probably a "no advertising" thing, same reason t-shirts are blurred out on MTV…

itstheris @ 2:11 pm

is the uncensored …
is the uncensored version around?

BurtRapp @ 2:11 pm

Bigity Bigity BOSTON
Bigity Bigity BOSTON

cloverfield00 @ 2:11 pm

Okay, thats where …
Okay, thats where Intro got their beat from,For Their song Let Me be the one.

whosdaFlava @ 2:11 pm

what about love …
what about love comes and go?

svahaid @ 2:11 pm

clean as it always …
clean as it always was

DragoNYC @ 2:11 pm

Classic thanks for …
Classic thanks for posting thins


A true classic
A true classic

Gian617 @ 2:11 pm

this deserves much …
this deserves much more views… this guys on all the rappers these dayz.. especcially lil wayne..


Why is Addidas a …
Why is Addidas a curse word? Is he dissin Run-DMC or something?


Word up? Man, we …
Word up? Man, we need fans like you on VH1 talking about these old school rappers.

Infamous256 @ 2:11 pm

The R&B group Intro …
The R&B group Intro also used the beat.

SultanoKimah @ 2:11 pm


QueenKibibi @ 2:11 pm

a tru hip-hop …
a tru hip-hop classic!!

av8or757 @ 2:11 pm

The 617 is reppin" …
The 617 is reppin" Hard !!! I'm 31 now and I was 13,living in Dorchester. I remember playing this in my walkman waiting for the train at Fields Corner Station

JAYDED @ 2:11 pm

haha,I was only 9 …
haha,I was only 9 and I remember this and I also had a flat top and nike air sonic flights and OP shorts haha. man those days were the best of hip hop Im glad I was old enough to remember them

mize2 @ 2:11 pm

Damn…i FEEL MAD …
Damn…i FEEL MAD OLD NOW !!!! i was 11 years old with a Flat top hair cut when this joint came out..Classic

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