July 12, 2008

Cyndi Lauper - Hey Bulldog (Lennon tribute)

Cyndi performed this track at the John Lennon tribute in 1990.

Duration : 0:3:7

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July 12, 2008

dogsbollox5 @ 3:04 pm

Must be listening …
Must be listening to something else. I think this is a very exciting performance, best version of a fantastic song. If quality was better would be top marks.

acoronab @ 3:04 pm

The arrangement …
The arrangement used here doesn¿t help Cindy at all, it sucks…

77shard @ 3:04 pm

I'm not a huge fan …
I'm not a huge fan of Cyndi Lauper, but I give her props for picking a really excellent and under-known Beat;es tune to do. Also, I think she did a pretty decent job with it. Ups to you, Cyndi (and thanks for posting this)

garpigdaddy @ 3:04 pm

Anyone who says …
Anyone who says Lauper can't sing needs to be shot,

TheTwoKings @ 3:04 pm

Gahhd, Cyndi Lauper …
Gahhd, Cyndi Lauper just never impresses me as a musician at all. Sounds like a screaming 12-year-old boy. No woman should sound like that.

However, I've got to commend her for gathering up the balls to so much as attempt a Beatles song. She knew she'd not be as good as the orignal, as did everyone else, I'm sure. It's what to be expected: everything sounds like crap when compared to the Beatles. They're unbeatable.

untoldsarcasm @ 3:04 pm

You can choke on …
You can choke on small things, so 'fraid not.

dreggymon @ 3:04 pm

Blow me
Blow me

untoldsarcasm @ 3:04 pm

you're such a dick
you're such a dick

dreggymon @ 3:04 pm

Alright, let me …
Alright, let me clarify….
I DON'T LIKE her singing,and
I LIKE her ass.
Hope that helps

Obviously she can sing, she DOES have a microphone in her hand, after all

untoldsarcasm @ 3:04 pm

Do more research …
Do more research before you say she can't sing. She has a 4 octave vocal range and is a fantastic live performer… as many youtube vids with show you, esp. her performance of I'm Gonna Be Strong.

dreggymon @ 3:04 pm

She can't sing, but …
She can't sing, but she has a nice ass!

LennonFan1 @ 3:04 pm

true, Beatles are …
true, Beatles are the best

mrmarks65 @ 3:04 pm

Yep, but who has …
Yep, but who has done a Beatles song better than the original? Gotta Love Cyndi for choosing this song.

uRturdz @ 3:04 pm

not bad, she rocked …
not bad, she rocked it… better to do Lennon than not

muledong @ 3:04 pm

David Gilmours is …
David Gilmours is great but his solo strayed too far from the original.

LennonFan1 @ 3:04 pm

I think The Beatles …
I think The Beatles version is WAY better.

sineadfac @ 3:04 pm

few pay attention …
few pay attention to this but cyndi's got one of the best gams in the business. even gwen stefani loves this about her.

adiclm29 @ 3:04 pm

i love Cyndi Lauper …
i love Cyndi Lauper. she just gets better and better. this is amazing.

Cynphx @ 3:04 pm

your right ..I have …
your right ..I have an idea lets get some alcoholic drugged up mess with an abusive past and a washed a career to do the song..Hey let's get Brian Wilson cause he can REALLY sing! get real buddy-you are a joke

Woohoo5241 @ 3:04 pm

I hope you don't …
I hope you don't mean David Gilmour-one of the most unique and original guitarists of the rock genre. UNless you mean she's cookie-cuttering his brilliant style.

ramsay57 @ 3:04 pm

One of the best …
One of the best covers of Bull Dog I have heard, great live performance.

hamwinkie @ 3:04 pm

She is beautiful! …
She is beautiful! Wow! Those shorts! How nice to be in your mid 30s again! Peace

mistermee29 @ 3:04 pm

What a super …
What a super performance. Yes its not the original but she did her own thing and quite well , i think.

dyllanblake @ 3:04 pm

I agree the …
I agree the original solo rocks compared to that ultra echoed Gilmoresque cookie cutter copy cat crap.

timebombx27 @ 3:04 pm

i wonder why
i wonder why

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