December 3, 2008


Test de la bulldog distortion

Duration : 0:4:20

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December 3, 2008

cryptophyta @ 5:06 pm

merci, parce il …
merci, parce il parait que selon l'ampli le son peut devenir hyper criard,
sinon très bon répertoire mec c'est de qui le deuxième et troisième riff?

psyccko @ 5:06 pm

Oué ca devrai …
Oué ca devrai marcher plutot bien

cryptophyta @ 5:06 pm

salut, saurais tu …
salut, saurais tu si cette pédale convient sur un ampli peavey bandit 112?

psyccko @ 5:06 pm

yes and it ll sound …
yes and it ll sound great!!!

telindius2 @ 5:06 pm

i could play …
i could play metallica with that pedal??

RJR1994 @ 5:06 pm


psyccko @ 5:06 pm

Vox valvetronix …
Vox valvetronix Ad50VT

ioazisop @ 5:06 pm

which model is your …
which model is your amp?

psyccko @ 5:06 pm

the bulldog …
the bulldog distrion is a distrotion pedal and the duel overdrive is an overdrive pedal. The first one allows you to have a great sustain and very saturated sound while the second has more punch more trebble less distortion and sustain.

viruzzfx @ 5:06 pm

What's the …
What's the difference between this pedal (BULLDOG DISTORTION VOX) and the Cooltron Duel Overdrive also from Vox? Thankx!

psyccko @ 5:06 pm

JS bach toccata and …
JS bach toccata and fugue

phenixreturns @ 5:06 pm

very good taping

very good taping
which is the song?

allth3s4me @ 5:06 pm

man you should work …
man you should work on articulation on toccata, otherwise Bach will turn around in his grave. JUST OBJECTIVE, work on it. otherwise you're awesome, man. and effin amazing pedal too, I have it. great sound, I'm amazed. way to go.

RBAILEYY @ 5:06 pm

I love the tapping …
I love the tapping at the end . I love to see more of that stuff. A little faster though.

ephixius @ 5:06 pm

these are about two …
these are about two hundred bucks plus shipping
google vox cooltron and pick an online source

psyccko @ 5:06 pm

tonelab is an amp …
tonelab is an amp and cab simulator and a multi effects like all the vox's valvetronix series. I don't know now how it cost but i paid it about 400 dollars

pipedelsur @ 5:06 pm

What Tonelab is it? …
What Tonelab is it? Dont have a expression pedal? I never see them… what is the price of this Tonelab? (aprox. in dollars)

psyccko @ 5:06 pm

The blue pedal is a …
The blue pedal is a vox tonelab and i don't use it in the demonstrtation

pipedelsur @ 5:06 pm

The blue pedal, at …
The blue pedal, at side of the bulldog… what is?? Ist on in this demostration?

Thoorvault @ 5:06 pm

Good review!
Good review!

highrollerzzz @ 5:06 pm

Joe Satriani!!
Joe Satriani!!

teamagab @ 5:06 pm

Ya pas a dire, …
Ya pas a dire, c'est de la bête (en matos), mais SURTOUT le joueur!!!!!
Je dis un BRAVO au grand Master^^
A +

kevbiker63 @ 5:06 pm

Whaou quel son o_O
Whaou quel son o_O

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