Bulldog Puppy Care

There are many things that you should know about puppy care before you bring your bulldog puppy home. Preferably, you should be ready with all the things that you need days or even weeks before the time when you are supposed to fetch the bulldog pup from the pet shop or from the breeder’s place. The good thing about getting ready well ahead of time is that you get to make changes easily in the event where something comes up unexpectedly.

When preparing for the arrival of the bulldog pup, you should look for a place in the house where the puppy will stay. Note that you are about to bring a baby bulldog in the house and it is very important it will have space of its own where it can rest and sleep whenever it wants to.

Getting Equipment For Your Bulldog Puppy

There are few types of equipment that you will need to get for your bulldog pup. First, you will need a food dish and a water dish with strait side and flat bottom. Makes sure that you get a food dish made of steel and not made of plastic. The downside of the plastic food dish is that the bulldog pup may place with it and chew on it. Since plastic can easily be shredded into pieces in the mouth of your puppy, your puppy could be in great danger of swallowing some pieces of plastic. Plastic can irritate the stomach and the intestine of your bulldog puppy and could really make it sick so avoid plastic the plastic food dish. Another thing that you should never forget is the wire crate where you can keep your bulldog puppy when traveling. Note that bulldog puppies are very sensitive to heat and stuffiness so you should always use a wire crate to keep it properly ventilated.

You should also buy your puppy a collar and a lead. Choose a lightweight small link choke collar that would fit into the neck of your puppy. Make sure that the collar is long enough to slip effortlessly over the head of the puppy to avoid hurting your little dog. When your bulldog puppy is still very young, it would be best avoid using those heavy collars and leads but when the bulldog pup grows older, you will definitely need a strong lead to keep your dog in check.

A puppy pen would also be very important if you do not want the puppy to go tearing around the house. You must always remember that bulldog puppies could be very playful and energetic at times and they tend to bite on things especially those made of cloth, paper and other soft materials. Aside from the puppy pen, you should also buy a nail clipper, a brush and a table, which you can use when you are grooming your bulldog pup. Preparing for your bulldog puppy can be time consuming but it can also be a lot of fun.

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