Tips for Fresher and Brighter Canine Teeth

How would you react when your pet dog lick your face early in the morning and woke you up with his stinky, foul breath? You would certainly wake up with a yucky feeling coupled with an immediate puking in the bathroom. If this would happen, who will get all the blame? Basically, we could not put the blame to our dog for having a dog bad breath as they do not know how to brush their teeth. It is our obligation as pet owners to take care of them.

Chances are when our dog will have halitosis we usually find enough time to have a dental check up but if there is nothing noticeable we just set them aside; more often than not, we just do not care about their teeth or mouth in general. The only thing we take care is the thing than can be seen right away such as their hair, their eyes and their toes. The teeth are the once which will be neglected since we could not directly see it. Thus, we only take notice when something is already wrong inside their mouth, which makes them act unusual.

When our dog happens to have halitosis, we often times look for dog bad breath remedies which are often home based to avoid the high cost of a veterinary fee. Although some will work out just fine, others will just aggravate the situation enabling us to spend more than our budget allotted for the care of our pet. However visiting a vet is more appropriate as he is the one who knows better for the health condition of our pet.

Nevertheless, here are some tips for fresher and brighter canine teeth, which can also be a help to freshen up our doggie’s foul breath. First thing is to give our pet a regular mouth-cleansing regimen like brushing its teeth using special dog formula toothpaste. This will make our dog’s teeth sparkling white as well as getting rid of plaque and tartar causing bacteria.

Another thing is to give our dog dental chew, which are available in the market today. This will make your dog’s teeth stronger and cleaner. Giving them water to drink will make their mouth moist those keeping those bad bacteria away. Adequate water supply will refresh their mouth and flushes some food residue, which often are the cause of a foul and nasty breath of our dogs.

Following these basic remedies will surely prevent our dogs from acquiring dog bad breath.

Finding the right dog breath remedies isn’t hard and the best tip I can give you is to get the oxyfresh mouthwash. It isn’t expensive and it is effective.

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