Easy Tips for Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth

Important Things To Consider About Your Dogs Teeth There are a couple of important things to know before we get started with the cleaning process. First-look for plaque along the gum line, usually this is bacteria that has been forming for quite some time and it is fairly easy to detect. If you see darker areas around the gum line then you know your pet has a plaque problem. It only takes three to five days for plaque to become evident-and can be extremely difficult to remove if not taken care of quickly.

Other warning signs to look for with gum disease is the yellow-brown crust of tarter around the gum line, bad breath, pain or bleeding when the gums are touched and red swollen gums. Periodontal disease and or gingivitis are not to be taken lightly and are almost a given for dogs that do not receive oral care on a regular basis. In the long run if these issues are not addressed then your dog WILL become ill and have a shorter life span.

Brushing Your Dogs Teeth Is KEY One of the most important things you can do is brush your dogs teet -on a regular basis with a good toothpaste recommended for pets. Also make sure the tooth brush you are using is a good fit for your animal. Most dog owners do NOT brush their pets teeth regularly (if at all) and this is a HUGE mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars in vet bills later in the dogs life and again as mentioned before - could end your pets life prematurely. If you find it difficult to use a tooth brush, you may want to consider a finger brush. This is a little rubber tip that has nubs that fits right over your index finger. Be patient, as it takes animals some time to get comfortable with the brushing process.

The Right Kind Of Treats Are Like Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

Secondly-what kind of treats are you feeding your dog? Make sure to give your dog bones and dental treats on a regular basis-as this too will help slow down the process of your canines tooth decay. Quality bones/ treats that you can find at your local pet store will benefit your K-9 greatly. I recommend Canine Greenies, Del Monte Tarter Check Dog Biscuits and Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide’s. Keep in mind there’s a vast variety of quality products on the market.

Dog toys are also a great way to help with you pets plaque problems, but look out for cheep items that can be destroyed easily. Toys that are abrasive will do your dog’s teeth more harm then good-so make sure to avoid these kinds of toys. I recommend dental toys and rawhide’s that soften as the dog chews them for long periods of time. Great new products to help your dogs teeth are showing up in pet stores and Online all the time. Using these products-just a few minutes a day along with everyday tooth brushing will make a world of difference in your dogs teeth, well being and overall life span!

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