Dog Care - 3 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy

I just adopted a four year old dog (Jay the Yellow Lab) who is a perfect match for me.

One thing that did catch my attention during my first visit with him at the shelter was how nice his teeth were and he had no plaque. My dog has a special place in my heart and in the family and I want to provide to him all that I know for his best care including his teeth. Teeth health is one of the last thing dog owners think and pay attention to.


Chewing on something hard will help dislocate the plaque. If you use a soup bone, make sure it is a hard one (soft bones are dangerous and can cause intestine perforation).  If you are unsure and want to be safe, use rawhide bones, regular or beef flavor.


Like humans their teeth need to be brush.  I know it might feel strange, but you want to make sure your dog will have his teeth for a long time because he needs them for chewing and eating.  Buy special Dog toothpaste; do not use human toothpaste, because they will swallow it.  Try to brush daily or at least weekly.


During your next visit to your vet, ask for a complete teeth and gum checkup.  This will give you the status of your dog mouth health.  Your vet will also be able to see if any tooth have been damage or are dead (teeth is usually gray color) and if any treatment need to be pursue or tooth extracted.
My intention for Jay my yellow lab is to keep him around for as long as I possibly can by keeping him healthy and keeping his teeth healthy, too.

I now invite you to get my five steps to begin a great dog care plan for your dog, young or old, by visiting and you can also grab tips on how to take better pictures of your dog.

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