Canine Teeth Cleaning - Brushing a Dog’s Teeth - a Complete Guide

In this article we will give you a complete guide to brushing your dog’s teeth, the reasons why it is important and the techniques you should use to get your dog used to having a brush in his mouth.

Just like humans - in fact probably more so - cleaning your dog’s teeth on a regular basis is so important. One of the reasons for this is that dogs don’t have an enzyme in their saliva that stops the food from sticking to the teeth (unlike humans), this can then cause a build up of plaque and tartar which will then cause decay and eventually lead to them falling out. As with all dog training techniques you should start as early as you can as sticking a brush in your dog’s mouth when he is older just won’t work. So follow the steps below.

  • Start as early as you can with your puppy - find something that your dog like - peanut butter is always a good choice.
  • Don’t start by sticking a brush in your puppy’s mouth as this will cause your puppy to instantly associated the brush with bad experiences - a bad start!
  • Simply smear some peanut butter on your finger and then place your finger in your puppy’s mouth. Get your puppy used to the sensation by moving your finger backwards and forwards.
  • Now your puppy is used to the sensation place some gauze around the finger with some peanut butter on it. Continue the process over a period of time.
  • When you think your puppy is used to the gauze now you can introduce the tooth brush.
  • Purchase some recommended dog tooth paste and continue the process with a brush until your puppy is completely used to it.

Canine teeth cleaning should be a regular occurence and the more you do it the more your puppy will get used to it.

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