Caring For Your Bulldog As He Ages

Eventually, you bulldog will grow old and tired. He or she may not really be able to play with you like he or she used to. When your bulldog grows old, you will need to give him or her some special bulldog care. However, bulldog care for aging dogs is not really that complicated. More often than not, an aging bulldog will not really complain a lot. Usually, your aging bulldog will simply spend more time sleeping and resting than it used to. Since the bulldog is very tolerant when it comes to pain, you should always make it a point to check on you dog periodically and see if it is comfortable or not.

Bulldog Care And Grooming

As your bulldog grows older, the wrinkles on its skin tend to become deeper. This means that you will need t o make sure that the fold on your bulldogs skin are not irritated. To make sure that the folds of your bulldog is free from irritations, thoroughly checking and cleaning the folds of your bulldog should be included in your daily bulldog care routine. Bulldog care at this point should focus more on prevention rather than curing ailments since older dogs often find its self less able to cope with ailments. If you notice that your aging dog seem to be a lot slower and tired, you should never assume that it is because of old age. Make sure that you bring your dog to the vet for proper bulldog care.

As your bulldog care partner, your vet should be able to help you in caring for your aging dog by assessing the health of your dog. Your vet should give your dog a complete physical examination, complete blood count, unrinalysis, fecal exam in case your dog have parasites and other examinations that your vet may deem fit. You should understand that as your dog grows older, it would need more constant and extensive bulldog care.

When it comes to grooming, you may draft a more comprehensive bulldog care routine now that your dog is older. You may start by checking its bed and paying area constantly just in case your dog may suffer from infestations of fleas and ticks. Make sure that your dog has some fresh bedding regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt that might cause some itchiness. Another thing that you must look into as part of your comprehensive bulldog care plan is the state of your dog’s teeth. As your dog grow older, it’s teeth will become weaker. To prevent decays in your dog’s teeth, try to brush your dog’s teeth everyday.

Another thing that you should pay attention to when planning your daily bulldog care routine is the diet and nutrition of your aging bulldog. As your vet if you need to give your dog different type of food and if your dog needs some supplements to keep it healthy and strong. Try to control the weight of your dog. Obese dogs may have more ailments when they grow older so make sure that you keep your dog within it ideal weight. The diet and nutrition of your old is critically as he or she grows older.

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