The Citronella Bark Collar Is Used to Softly Train the Dog

While humans have been domesticating dogs for eons, you might be surprised to learn that dog owners have also been using dog collars since ancient times. In fact, we can trace the first dog collars to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. From the beginning of the dog domestication period, humans needed some means to identify each dog belonging to each master or to provide their dogs with some kind of protection against unwanted critters, and this is why they used dog collars. Than you may question why should you buy a citronella bark collar for your dog?

You know very well that your dog barks with or without the usual collar around its neck. You can use this type of collar in order to modify the bad behaviors of your dog. More specifically, it attempts to prevent dogs from barking too much, or at the wrong time. A bark collar contains two key components: a microphone and a battery. The microphone becomes the altering tool for the dog’s behavior. Bark collars are designed to only discourage improper barking.

The Citronella Bark Collar is a very appreciated type of bark collars. These collars contain a can that’s filled with a fluid whose base is citronella. Citronella oil is produced by some types of grasses. The oil helps to keep away various critters from your canine, including fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Dogs also detest this lemon-like odor. Among the advantages of citronella-based bark collars are:

1. The citronella bark collars are safe for the dogs

The citronella-based bark collars are not toxic for the dog. So it won’t have a negative effect on your dog’s eyes or skin. Citronella oil is also harmless for most people.

2. They’re effective.

The citronella-filled bark collars are used to modify the behavior of the dog. The barking of your dog is perceived by the microphone in the dog collar. At that moment the collar sprays the citronella fluid. Your dog will soon see the connection between its barking and the unpleasant scent from citronella oil.

Different scientific studies have demonstrated the Citronella Bark Collar effectiveness. One particular study by a university’s College of Veterinary Medicine discovered that such collars are effective in eliminating almost 90% of a dog’s unwanted barking. These scientific studies certify the statements of satisfied citronella-based collars users.

3. These collars are human type.

Between the types of bark collars existing nowadays, the citronella based ones are considered the gentlest working. That’s because the dog experiences no pain when exposed to the citronella. That’s a plus for dog owners who want a bark collar that’s as humane as it is effective. All of us want to protect our best friends.

Also, not only is citronella humane for dogs, but also for insects. The safety of an annoying flea or tick is considered far less important than the safety of our dogs. But if you don’t want to injure any kind of being, you’ll find the citronella bark collar the most suitable choice. Because it keeps the insects away without hurting them.

The Citronella Bark Collar is a very popular type of bark collars. Different scientific studies have demonstrated the Citronella Bark Collar effectiveness. Your dog will feel no pain when smelling the citronella oil.

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