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Pet games online that you can play free, are a new wave of flash games have been sweeping the internet, and rapidly increasing in popularity. Breaking away from the traditional titles, which involve guns, fists and fast vehicles, pet games online involve cuddly little animals that children of all ages enjoy dressing up and taking care of in a virtual setting. Cute and cuddly little creatures, colorful and inviting backgrounds, and enticing music scores are some of the qualities pet games online have become famous for. Pet games usually a simple to follow story line and rudimentary use of controls which enable children to pick up the game and start the fun really fast.

One such example of a game you can play free online is Dr. Bulldog’s Pet Hospital. This game takes place, as the name describes it, in a hospital. The owner of the hospital is Dr. Bulldog, you guess it, he’s a dog of the bulldog breed. He stands tall in the reception desk attending to all the incoming patients. Your job is to help him at this task and forward each patient to the appropriate station for care. Some dog’s will require grooming, while others will require nail trimming. There is a station for every need. As the patient arrives, Dr. Bulldog (you), must pick up the pet and drop him at the corresponding station for treatment, provided the station is empty. In the beginning, you will start of with only to treatment stations and one matt. However, as the levels are completed, the number of stations will increase, and you will also get a chance to purchase more mats for your patients in the store. More dogs and more stations means more work for Dr. Bulldog, it is likely you will have a hard time catching up.

“Dr. Bulldog’s Pet Hospital” features great graphics and a sound score you will never forget. A choir of dogs sings the background music in a way that sounds more like a cheer for the gamer to go on. Although it starts off rather easy, it can get very intense as the game moves on with a considerable amount of difficulty. For those who considered all pet games online to be easy, this game will prove them wrong. One could easily confirm that this game is among the top pet games available online.

Besides the graphics, sound score and storyline, the game is plain fun for the entire family. One could go on for hours taking turns and have something to talk about all afternoon. Although it is a one player game, it can easily be shared in a group with family and friends. Dr. Bulldog’s Pet Hospital is available free in the internet. A simple search in Google for ‘pet games’, will surely yield positive results.

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