English Bulldogs - What You Should Know Before Buying One

Breed Name: English Bulldog

Description and colours: These adorable Dogs are well known for their thickset features, overhanging underbite and loose folds of skin particularly around the forehead and mouth. Their hanging jowls are one of the Bulldogs most cute and also recognizable features. An average Adult weighs 50 plus pounds. Bulldogs are bred in a variety of colours, including the classically recognized Brown and White mottles as well as Red, Fawn or Brindle.

Average Lifespan/Health Problems

A healthy Bulldog can expect to live for up to 12 years, but sadly many are beset by common health problems. Often related to breathing or Cardiac complications.

These stocky little Dogs also suffer from high incidences of Hip dysphasia. In fact, they are the worst suffering of all Dog breeds for this specific ailment. They are also a Breed, which requires a reasonably cool temperature to avoid them becoming overly hot and agitated. Bulldogs are best suited to the cooler climates of Europe and careful attention must be given to them even then during hot Summer months.

Temperament and Personality

Bulldogs are enthusiastic, playful but known to be stubborn. That is why it is so important to train them well from a young age. They love exercise and will require this daily. A true family Pet in every sense of the word, Bulldogs crave company. They adore being around people and as such make for wonderful additions to any family. They are a docile, non-aggressive Breed. They rank 77th out of 79 other Breeds for overall Intelligence.


Although most commonly associated with English nobility and the much loved English Prime Minister Winston Churchill, before the Bulldog was refined as a well mannered domesticated Pet its use was far less amiable. In the early 1800′s Bulldogs were primarily bred as fighting Dogs, utilized in the barbaric ‘Sport’ of Bull baiting. The Bulldog would be dispatched to attack the Bull and hang onto its neck or Snout with its strong, capable jaws. Nowadays, that is about as far away from the lovable and cute Dogs that we are so familiar with, their loving personalities and incredible cuteness making them a popular specialist Breed suitable for any household willing to effectively train them.

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