September 27, 2008

American Bulldog x Presa Canario vs Tabasco sauce

this is my 10 month old 5 stone american bulldog/presa canario cross, Theo, being aggressive with an empty bottle of tabasco sauce, he obviously doesnt like the smell of the fumes, but wont leave it alone, like me, he does like the taste though, think it may be his favourite sauce!

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September 27, 2008

fimbuls @ 3:08 am

i think i have your …
i think i have your dog's brother lolzzz

HammandClov @ 3:08 am

"cruel" is such an …
"cruel" is such an overrated word people are just throwing around when it comes to animals, whether it's a good owner and his dog or an abused dog as in dogfighting.

DuoSonic87 @ 3:08 am

my gf's mutt will …
my gf's mutt will chew ANYTHING ,it's annoying and a nuisiance ,so I put habanero sauce on EVERYTHING,to get a reaction out of it.

TeaserD @ 3:08 am

how the is …
how the is this cruel sisbe, im not forcing it upon my dog or makin him do it, he's approaching the sauce by himself, if he didnt like it that much he would leave it alone full stop but he's quite happy to play with it!!

mike80452 @ 3:08 am

Hes like "FUUUCK …
Hes like "FUUUCK THAT!!!" lol Kool dog…

sisbe @ 3:08 am

borderline cruel… …
borderline cruel….she/he is a smart baby knowing this would sting her mouth horridly.

We have sour apple spray we put on our wood furniture. Our ABd LOVES to chew! they are so smart aren't they? LOVe the breed!

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