July 14, 2008

American Bulldog - GAHNA 1 ANO

American Bulldog - STORM BULLS GAHNA - 1 ANO

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July 14, 2008

blamesmc @ 4:03 am

A dog breed is not …
A dog breed is not agressive, it's how well a dog is socialised from the beggining and as a long time, Game hunter(mostly boar), i've used dog's for pack hunting, but i would only use dogs that have been socailised since a pup, otherwise there is likely to be some fighting while chasing a boar, but commonly when 2 males meet they while display aggression(nothing serious) to establish dominance(normal ANIMAL behaviour), recommend if u want a dog freindly dog SOCIALISE it with other dogs/people

nickstud @ 4:03 am

my roomate had an …
my roomate had an american bulldog, now that one of my dogs has passed away and I have just one dog, I might get an american, I find soo much conflicting information, though his american was a great dog, he was very dog agressive towards male dogs, and if he knew them, he would still bully them around and beat them up, though much nicer to them then strange dogs, I have heard a lot both ways that ab are not dog aggresive and that they are, any way to get some facts befor getting one myself?

BR04life @ 4:03 am

i dont think one …
i dont think one american bull on youtube looks anywhere as good as mine retired champion show dog traind in germany as a pup hes a monster pure johnson breed

zgaja007 @ 4:03 am

His legs are too …
His legs are too shoort,but wery beuty

jazzska @ 4:03 am

what a great …
what a great looking dog, what are they like as family pets, with kids etc!

fstlane4me @ 4:03 am

He's a pretty dog, …
He's a pretty dog,but in a real show he wouldn't make standards.Unfortunately this is the way many breeders of AB's are going.Just take a look at Bulls of crowns.

wruane @ 4:03 am

I can see why Gahna …
I can see why Gahna is best in show!
What a beauty. really looks like you have a great time together
No love like that from an AB. Anyone who says different doesn't know Great dog!

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