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  • Physical Appearance Of The Bulldog

    When it comes to physical appearance, the bulldog is one of the most unique among dogs and one of the least understood. If you do not really know the true nature of the bulldog, your first impression when you see this type of dog is that it looks awfully ferocious and dangerous. The first thing that most people would notice is the bulldog is it strong solid built. Note that the typical characteristics of a bulldog is that it has a large head, a strongly built face with square short muzzle. The jaws of the bulldog are undershot and yes, very strong.

    Although the general appearance of the bulldog may not really be appealing to a lot of people as the bulldog is not really what you may call a handsome dog as compared with the other breeds, the appearance of the bulldog is what makes it a very good fighting dog. For one thing, the fact that the nose of the bulldog is squat and wide and its jaws undershot could enable the bulldog to latch on to its prey and never let go. Since the nose of the bulldog is wide, it can breathe even if it is hanging on tight on its prey. The undershot of the bulldog would give it a very firm grip on its prey.

    The coat of the bulldog wrinkles around its neck. A lot of people who owns a bulldog love holding the wrinkled neck of the bulldog since it is usually supple to touch. However, the wrinkles on the neck of the bulldog actually have some protective use. When the bulldog is engaged in a fight, the wrinkles on its neck would serve as protective armor to its vital organs. Since the skin is a bit loose in the neck, whenever the opponent of the bulldog latch on its neck, it will not really make some serious damage to the internal organs unlike in those dogs whose skin is not loose or wrinkled.

    When it comes to the color of its coat, the bulldog have short and glossy coat in white red, fawn colors, solid black and the piebald (patches) patterns. Whatever is the color of your bulldog, you can surely find them very engaging.

    Why Bulldogs Look To Squat

    Before you start complaining about how squat a bulldog look, you should understand that the bulldog is by nature a fighting dog. The fact that they bulldog is built squat is actually an advantage in a fight. Because of the squat and solid built of the bulldog, it is more stable compared to other dogs. However, even if the bulldog looks squat and heavy, it can really be very agile. In fact, during the days when bullfighting has been the fad, the bulldog survives most of the fights because of their quick and agile movements.

    Generally, because of it rather fierce appearance, a lot of people commits the mistake of thinking that the bulldog indeed has bad temper. However, in truth, the bulldog is actually a sheep in a wolf’s coat. If you understand the personality of the bulldog, you would definitely love this dog.

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    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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