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    Here you can download your Free Report Called.....

    "The Importance Of Leadership Training!"

    "Your FREE Report" is in electronic format.  Which means you can download it right to your computer.

    If this is your first time, don't worry ... it's natural to make mistakes. And it's okay, you can keep on trying until you get it, alright? Hold my hand and we'll get through it together...

    (Read these instructions in full BEFORE you follow them)


    Step ONE: This will begin the download process.

    With your right mouse button, click on the Blue link below  (UnderStep 3)

    You'll then see a little menu appear, and (depending on the browser you're using) one of the options will say...

    "Save Target As"


    "Save Link As"


    "Save Page As"

    ...And this is the one you want to highlight with your mouse and LEFT click it.

    Step TWO: This will ask you where to save your new Report.

    You'll then be taken to another screen. And basically this is to ask you WHERE you'd like to save the report on your computer. You'll be able to choose which folder you'd like it in. It's not real important WHERE you put it. Just somewhere you'll remember when you want to go and open it in just a few moments time. A good spot sometimes is simply to save it on your "Desktop".


    Step THREE: Now it's your turn!

    Here is the download link (in blue).

    Free Report

    "The Importance Of Leadership Training!"


    Step FOUR: Pull up a chair and read your new report

    How to Read your New Report

    When you're done downloading, all you need to do now is go ahead and read it! If you saved the report to your desktop, simply go to your desktop, and find it. Then double click to open them up to read them.

    Once you have opened up the report on your computer, you can either read it on your computer screen or print it out on your printer. Another method that many of my customers use, is to save the eBook files to a CD, or FLASH drive, and take that to your local office printing store. There they will print and properly bind your new Book.

    This report requires a FREE piece of software called Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. Most computers already have this loaded, but if you don't have Adobe on your computer, then read on to learn how to get a copy

    How To Get A FREE Copy Of Adobe Acrobat Reader

    To read the book, you WILL require some software. Good news is, it's 100% FREE. It's called Adobe Acrobat Reader ... and most computers have it installed automatically these days. But if yours hasn't, no bother. You can download it for free by clicking on the following website (and pretty much you be using the same process we've just covered)



    I hope you enjoy the report.........

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

    Bulldog Picture

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