August 25, 2008

Are Miniature Bulldogs a real Breed ?

Miniature Bulldogs are a Nationaly recognized breed. The breed club is the Miniature Bulldog Club of America. You can visit them online at Some of the top Mini Bulldog Breeders in the country are,, and Standard Bulldog clubs do not like Miniature Bulldogs or Miniature Bulldog Clubs. The Miniature Bulldog or Mini Bulldog is a healthier breed of Bulldog. The standard Bulldog is a genetic mess. Our Veterinarian sad that the Standard Bulldog put his children through college, and he has 5 kids. He also see's Miniature Bulldogs and he rarely see;s the massive problems that the Standard Bulldog has. Mini Bulldogs are by far a better choice for anyone thinking about purchasing a Bulldog. They hare half the size, and healthier. Who can ask for more?
I can tell that you are a Standard Bulldog guy. That is great. You have basicaly ruined the breed over the years. Standard Bulldogs are by far the most geneticaly messed up dog next to the German Shepherd. Miniature Bulldogs are gaining in popularity becuase of the reduced health issues. They breath better, live longer, have better hips, better gait, better eye's. The Miniature Bulldog is a godsend on all the Standard Bulldog. From what almost all experts say, the Standard English Bulldog will be basicaly a extinct breed over the next 20 years. The Standard Bulldog will be unable to breath, walk, see, and the lucky few that do live past 3 years old will need tens of thousands of dollard worth of medical treatment. From Hip replacements, to heart surgery, and eye surgery after eye surgery., I know I sound morbid about the Standard Bulldog, but it is true. This is why reputable breeders are going elsewhere to preserve the Bulldog, from Olde, American, Bantam, Mini, and Valley.
Here are other Miniature Breeds that are recognized :

Miniature Poodle
Miniature Bull Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Australian Shepherd
Miniature Dachshund

Breeds recognized by the FCI long before the AKC recognized them :

Neopolitan Mastiff
French Mastiff
Cane Corso
Presa Canario
Pratzki Terrier
Potugese water dog
Hungarian Viszla

The list goes on.

It takes many years and lots of politics to have a new breed recognized by the AKC. You have to know the in and outs of the AKC and have a strong National Breed Club like the Miniature Bulldog Club of America -

The AKC will eventualy recognize the Miniature Bulldog. It may take a year or twenty years. The stronger the breed grows and the more National shows and organization the clubs get the faster it will happen.

They are not registered by any reputable registry, and there are also Labradoodle breed clubs but that still does not make them a true breed.

Miniature Bulldogs are just a scam to make money by irresponsible breeders.

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March 6, 2007

Danielle B @ 5:23 pm

no such thing unless they are recognized internationally. If the European or Canadian kennel clubs or even the AKC recognized them, it would be an accepted breed. But they don't. Usually you get minatures by either breeding runts (with inferior genetics) together over time, or you outcross to a small poodle or other small dog and call it a minature.
Miniature bulldogs are nothing but a designer breed, which is a over priced mutt. Not that there is anything wrong with mutts- we own 2, but I would never pay that much for one.

How are they nationally recognized? The CKC? That isn't a real registry- it has no credibility. Anyone can start a breed club. I could start the american black butted poodle breed, and I am sure I could get some people to join. It only costs $30 a year or so to have a domain for a website.
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iluvmyfrenchbulldogs @ 5:36 pm

They are not registered by any reputable registry, and there are also Labradoodle breed clubs but that still does not make them a true breed.

Miniature Bulldogs are just a scam to make money by irresponsible breeders.
References :
Show and breed French Bulldogs (the only REAL minature bulldog breed)

Big red @ 5:37 pm

If you want a smaller dog get a smaller breed. As far as i am concerned all these new 'minis', are nothing more than bastardized versions of the real breed. Yes sometimes its more practical to have a smaller dog and some people want a smaller dog, but instead of inventing a mini of something, why not rescue a smaller dog in need of a home from a shelter instead of creating more shelter fillers. All breeds were originally bred with a practical purpose in mind but where is the practical purpose other than ' i want one' in a mini.
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lexi m @ 5:42 pm

I'm sure responsible standard bulldog breeders are trying to get the genetic problems out of the breed. However, that's cool that people are developing a miniature version of the breed.

The AKC recognized French Bulldog began that way…. I have confidence that someday the AKC will recognize your variation on the bulldog, too.

As long as demand outstrips supply, I don't have a problem with new breeds.


Origins of the French Bulldog, a "designer" breed of the 1860s.

"The French Bulldog was originally developed in England as a miniature version of the English Bulldog. In the 1860's, French dog breeders imported some of these very small Bulldogs from Great Britain and bred them with French Terriers."
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Origins of French Bulldogs

haralsonkimberly @ 5:44 pm

where i work, the vet said there are not truly minature bulldogs. but a lady brought in a very small english bulldog. she almost looked like a french bulldogs. she was very cute, but she was registered as a normal english bulldog. no matter what, if you love your pet, that's all that matters. i personally don't care if my dogs are registered, fullblooded or what, i have a poodle that i got from the pound and a pit mix that i rescued from a very bad situation, and in my book my dogs are tops with me. if you are not breeding, it shouldn't matter.
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March 7, 2007

verminator @ 4:47 am

NO THEY ARE ***NOT***!!!!

Having a bunch of ignorant,irresponsible CROOKS & MORONS -organised or not-,making CRAP to peddle to gullible morons,does NOT make a breed!
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March 8, 2007

Grace @ 12:02 am

I am a member of a Bulldog forum and the people on there with the minis have just as many health problems if not more than the standard Bulldog. Any yes, maybe the puppy-mill Bulldogs and BYB Bulldogs tend to have many health problems but if you go through a reputable breeder you get little to no problems. Several people on my Bulldog forum have went through the BCA (Bulldog Club of America) to find BCA recognized breeders and haven't had the first health problem with their Bulldogs. I have 2 at the moment, s 2 1/2 year old girl and a 2 year old male and I haven't had the first health problem with them.

And as for Mini Bulldogs being a recognized breed, they are nothing but a mutt. They are no more than a mix of 2 registered breeds, usually Bulldog and Pug. Either that or they are from 2 runts being bred together which is irresponsible.
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