Choosing the Wonderful Mini Bulldog

If you have ever looked at the bulldog and thought that you would love to have one but just don’t have the space for this dog then you are in luck. In recent years the mini bulldog has emerged and is winning over plenty of fans. It is a smaller, or mini, version of the bulldog.

You might have also heard of miniature English bulldogs, this is a different breed from dogs that are simply called miniature bulldogs. The main difference is that a mini bulldog is a bulldog that has been cross bred with a French bulldog, Boston terrier, or a pug. The mini English bulldog on the other hand is a pure bred English bulldog on a smaller scale.

Choosing A Dog

Unlike other established breeds the mini bulldog is not recognized by the American Kennel Association. Some dubious breeders are trying to claim that their dogs are registered with the American Kennel Association. While some mini bulldogs descended from English bulldogs might have had registered parents the minis cannot be registered.

So be careful about who you buy your mini bulldog from. You want someone who emphasizes breeding dogs that are free from health problems and have good temperaments. Talk to your breeder and have a look at the mini bulldog before you purchase a puppy.
Small Size

Part of what makes a mini bulldog so attractive to many people is its size. It allows someone who loves the physical appearance of a bulldog to own the breed. Many people cannot afford to have a full sized bulldog due to its size. The mini bulldog also has less health problems than its full sized counterparts.

If you live in an apartment then you will love miniature bulldogs. They do well in an apartment as long as they get regular daily walks for exercise. They are also quiet dogs unlike some toy breeds that have a tendency to yap a lot. This makes the mini bulldog ideal for apartment living.

The mini bulldog needs regular exercise but due to its size it is not a dog that you can take with you on jogs or runs. This variant of the bulldog is also a lot livelier than a full sized bulldog. This will be especially apparent if there is terrier blood in the dog. However depending on your dog could also be content to cuddle and spend a lot of time napping.


The mini bulldog is a great family dog because it gets along well with children. The mini bulldog can endure boisterous play with children, though it is a good idea to teach children what is acceptable behavior when playing with the dog. Always supervise very young children when playing with miniature bulldogs as sometimes the dogs can accidentally cause a child to fall when playing.

Mini bulldogs are generally very friendly with people. For this reason this breed is not a suitable guard dog. Your pet will most likely greet strangers than bark at someone they do not know. So look for another dog if you were hoping for a guard dog.

Unlike bigger bulldogs the mini does not drool too much. You might find a little more drool when your pet has just taken a drink of water, but other than that this dog does not drool any more than other breeds. In place of drooling these little dogs snore a lot, they also snore pretty loudly for such small dogs.

Finding A Dog

You may have noticed that it is hard to find a mini bulldog. This is because it is very hard to breed these dogs. Breeders often have to artificially inseminate bitches and often a bitch has to have a c-section because these dogs do not free whelp. Few people are willing to take on the breeding process of these dogs. However your best bet for finding a healthy litter of miniature bulldogs is to look for a responsible breeder.

It’s preferable to look for someone in your area who can give you advice as to how to properly care for your puppy. This has also added to the cost of buying a mini bulldog. You will find that this is one of the more expensive breeds out there. However you will not regret taking home a mini bulldog with you.

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