November 3, 2008

Why are French Bulldogs called Frogdogs?

because they are french

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June 27, 2008

Shelby L @ 6:57 pm

because they are french
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TonyLovesFairies @ 6:58 pm

Beats me, but I thought that in the light of the most recent (idiotic) politics they were called Freedom Bulldogs.
On the lighter side…….GFY
Late Entry : due to negative ratings : perhaps it's just your local trailer park lingo??
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Baby Rotty @ 6:58 pm

i found a site on it, but now that you say it they kinda do…lol
Hope This Helps!
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wrenchwoman @ 7:03 pm

Calling French people frog is slang. So since you have a french bulldog, it's slang for french bulldog-frogdog. I've never understood why the word frog as slang for French people, but that's what it is.
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T M @ 7:10 pm

From a historical perspective, the French Bulldogs were derived from cross-breeding small (English) Bulldog runts with Pugs exported from China to France, and then the Americans embraced these adorable dogs… The British and the French have always been at odds for centuries, but dog-fancier clubs accepted their origin as French, hence their name… As politically incorrect as it is to say, the British amusingly refer to French nationals as "frogs" (which the French are also known to eat as a delicacy), hence, the dogs are affectionately nicknamed frog-dogs, froggies or Frenchies…


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me222 @ 7:23 pm

its frog is slang for a french person
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June 30, 2008

Machu @ 3:35 pm

I have a 5 month old French Bulldog…. I just think she looks like a frog when shy is laying down. She looks like she has little frog legs….. Check her out…..
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July 1, 2008

FrenchieTink_com @ 9:16 am

When lying on their backs, they look like frogs. Or look up at their chins. It's the funny shape of their skin/lips and how it covers the mouth.

Also, back in late 1800's Paris was surrounded by swamps filled with frogs. The Parisians were referred to as frogs by the nobles that came to visit Paris. Their dogs were really good at catching frogs. Some say the dogs they had were frenchies.

Also, the English had been calling the French 'french frogs' ever since they fought alongside each other in WWII. When it came time to eat, the French were notorious for eating frog legs. Plus they did a better camouflage job at hiding from the Germans jumping from tree to tree and hiding in the swamps. Even they said "damn those frogs".

The great Queen Elizabeth the 1st had a French lover who she referred to as 'My Dearest Frog'.

Also, some certain features of frogs are found in the personalities of the French; having the specialty to be able to be buried, without air, for very long periods and then to be able to live again when released. And it is said that a lot of the french bulldog personality comes from the French. (But, it's definitely not the going without air part). I think it's because frenchie feel they are God's gift to man like the french feel about themselves and their language.

Everything about the frenchie is froggy.
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