October 23, 2008

Roxy the French Bulldog snoring

Here's Roxy at 6 months on the couch snoring.

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October 23, 2008

dancerchick97 @ 5:10 pm

he opened his eyes …
he opened his eyes while he was sleeping!?!?

opalzen @ 5:10 pm

my aliens (better …
my aliens (better name than frenchies) do that too - one of them just woke up to see who the is snoring… uh oh…

FleshMan7063 @ 5:10 pm

LOL! He was snoring …
LOL! He was snoring while he was awake, how cut.

rednop44 @ 5:10 pm

Very cute.
Very cute.

krasos87 @ 5:10 pm

sleep all time!!!! …
sleep all time!!!!adorable!!

mipsyrpandbobrock @ 5:10 pm

Hi! Please watch my …
Hi! Please watch my videos, they are about my cute french bulldog named Bob. Go to my channel or search mipsyrpandbobrock . Thank you!

ant7jen @ 5:10 pm

thats realy my …
thats realy my puppy ^_^

ant7jen @ 5:10 pm

aw so cute
aw so cute

DrMaxwell @ 5:10 pm

Hah funny I named …
Hah funny I named my frenchie Roxy too but she's fawn

ant7jen @ 5:10 pm

Roxy from Nashville
Roxy from Nashville

9926454 @ 5:10 pm

Is this Roxy from …
Is this Roxy from Pasadena?

GwenPippin @ 5:10 pm

I love that sound! …
I love that sound! My Frenchie occasionally snores like that. I love hearing it.

Sailornude @ 5:10 pm

ahahahah cuteeee =^ …
ahahahah cuteeee =^..^= and how she is hanging in the couch xD bullys are just amazing ^.^

snomolas @ 5:10 pm

what a cute lil …
what a cute lil doggy, looks just like mine (check out my video and you'll see)

love those lil snoring animals, couldn't live without my frensh bulldog.

XxemogalsrockxX @ 5:10 pm

Awweh so cute! I …
Awweh so cute! I almost cryed I was laughing so hard! Thanks for the laugh :]


KaFFeslurp @ 5:10 pm

Sooooo cute! I just …
Sooooo cute! I just want to kiss her!

curs369 @ 5:10 pm


frantarkenton @ 5:10 pm

So cute how she's …
So cute how she's just wedged in there!

hegotmelovestoned @ 5:10 pm

She's so cute! I …
She's so cute! I would like to buy her!

Hopstube @ 5:10 pm


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