July 11, 2008

French bulldog french kiss baby laughing

French bulldog and baby kissing

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July 11, 2008

XiNiLLa85 @ 2:07 am


MistressDracona @ 2:07 am

lol the baby …
lol the baby mimicking the dog was so cute xD

mommabear1904 @ 2:07 am


pinkdoodle45 @ 2:07 am

lol baybe licks DOG …
lol baybe licks DOG!!

davemurderbass @ 2:07 am

Funny stuff… and …
Funny stuff… and a good way to boost the kid's immune system.

ChrisCrockerTime @ 2:07 am

i usually think …
i usually think puppies are cuters than babies but this is a rare exception.

chabaebae @ 2:07 am


o0MrsNoName0o @ 2:07 am

that is just SO …
that is just SO CUTE!!!!!

susan5915 @ 2:07 am

Funny Video. Its …
Funny Video. Its usually the dog that licks…

adzyb @ 2:07 am

LOL, isn't it the …
LOL, isn't it the dog that is supposed to lick the baby?

mymnl86 @ 2:07 am

hahahahaha this is …
hahahahaha this is hilarious!! the cutest thing ever!!

relirk @ 2:07 am

the dude sounds …
the dude sounds like he's having a panic attack or something haha

standingoutgirl @ 2:07 am

that is just too …
that is just too cute!!!

hellomyfrens @ 2:07 am

^^; that cuttie …
^^; that cuttie just kissed that dogs runny nose!!!

melanidejesus @ 2:07 am

holy crap. that is …
holy crap. that is hilarious.

RacsoHillgreen @ 2:07 am

Hahaha! Which one …
Hahaha! Which one is the cutest, I can't decide!

jacu25 @ 2:07 am

incredibly sweet
incredibly sweet

3xTnAnhMinhfan @ 2:07 am

- What a adorable …
- What a adorable movement to get on tap. :]

gerardswife4 @ 2:07 am

cutie is so cute …
cutie is so cute LOL!

dancedancex87 @ 2:07 am

When that baby …
When that baby brings home her first boyfriend you should be like "…her first french kiss was with a dog!!"

LexusIS300TRD @ 2:07 am

Haha looks like …
Haha looks like that frenchie wants to lunge at that stupid baby!!

yougottabekiddiing @ 2:07 am

Great "French …
Great "French kissing"! lol!

krasos87 @ 2:07 am

lol!!!very nice…
lol!!!very nice…

sableholiday @ 2:07 am

hahah ahahahah …
hahah ahahahah HAHAHAHA LMAO! YUMMY DOG NOSES! cute!

L110701 @ 2:07 am


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