French Bulldog Puppies: It’s Hard Not To Love These Comical Creatures

It is surprising to learn that French Bulldog puppies are not from France but originally from England. In fact, the history of these cute dogs can be traced back to England where some artisans (predominantly lace makers) that loved bulldogs made it their aim to breed a tiny sized variety of the bulldog that would later come to weigh between sixteen and twenty-eight pounds. During the Industrial Revolution some of these artisans moved across the Channel and arrived in France accompanied by their cute bulldog four legged friends.

Crossbred With French Terriers

The French too took an immediate liking to this tiny breed of bulldog and so encouraged the crossbreeding of the English bulldog with French Terriers and so the first French Bulldog puppies came into this world. These lovely creatures soon won the hearts of American tourists that saw them and fell in love with them and soon found it expedient to take these cute French Bulldog puppies back to the USA. In the year 1896, the first French Bulldogs were exhibited at a dog show that was in fact the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

If you want to bring home French Bulldog puppies then you should first learn about their appearance and characteristics and then determine whether such a breed is suitable for your needs. French Bulldog puppies can be very muscular and they are also very compact in size and their bone structure is rather solid. The muzzle is flat while the nose is pug shaped and the coat is smooth while the tail is short without having been cropped and it can be either straight or screwed in shape.

Most French Bulldog puppies have large as well as square heads and their eyes are set widely apart and are dark in color. The ears are similar to bat’s ears and these lovely puppies also boast a very intelligent look and are also curious and alert and when they grow up to become adults will generally not stand taller than a foot in height.

French Bulldog puppies have coats that vary in color as well as in patterns though the norm is for them to boast of fawn coats that can change from pale cream to deep red and to café au lait. Typical colors include blue brindle as well as tiger brindle as too pale cream and ticked pied as too black brindle. Also, French Bulldog puppies have coats that need very little grooming.

It pays to also look at the French Bulldog puppy’s temperament. Being part of a group of dogs generally referred to as mastiffs, French Bulldog puppies are known to make excellent guard dogs and even watchdogs. An amusing trait that is common to this dog breed is their comical nature that helps to make them such a well loved dog breed. Other notable traits include being very affectionate and playful and they are also always very curious and also very alert.

Once you have decided to bring home French Bulldog puppies you should start your hunt for your prospective pet by checking out the more reputable French Bulldog breeders. The Internet will throw up numerous options and you can also check in your neighborhood pet store and you can also visit various breeders to see firsthand the way that the breeders keep their puppies and also to get a closer look at the puppies.

You should inspect the coat of the French Bulldog puppy and ensure that it (the coat) is glossy. A French Bulldog puppy that is a six weeks old will show their individual nature which can range from shyness to sociable to courageous to boisterous and even to quiet-natured and a lot more. And, at that age (six weeks) they will weigh about two kilograms.

It is easy to distinguish French Bulldog puppies that boast of good lineage by noticing the broadness of their chest and by the fact that their paws are generally short as well as wide while the head will be on the larger side. He should have a body that is short and compact and this is a trait that is especially more noticeable among males. Don’t worry if the ears have not completely straightened out by six weeks because this will take some time – typically you need to wait till the puppy is four months old.

It is necessary to begin obedience training while the puppy is still quite young and the training should be reward based and not punishment based. The bottom line is that French Bulldog puppies possess a good nature and are frolicsome as too very amiable and sure to make excellent pets.

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