English Bulldog Puppies - Truly Man’s Best Friend

Everyone knows man’s best friend is the canine.  The English bulldog, puppy or adult is no exception.  Bulldogs love human attention.  They seek it out.  Great dogs for people who have smaller dwellings.  The English bulldog has a great friendly temperament despite their scary look.  The English bulldog as a puppy is a great energetic animal.  Like any other puppy these dogs frolic and play.  As age sets in the dogs usually become less active and enjoy little if any extra exercise besides a regular daily walk.  There are of course exceptions to every rule and some English bulldogs never grow out of their energy phase.

History Of The Breed, Not For Puppies…

The English bulldog is a direct descendant of the Asiatic mastiff, however some cross breeding and other breeding was done to get this short stalky powerful animal.  The name bulldog comes from the practice of using these dogs in arena combat against bulls.  They outlawed that practice in the late 18th century.  This breed is no longer a fighting animal.  It is a great human companion.  Like any animal, there are some typical problems associated with the English bulldog breed, and some things to consider when looking for an English bulldog puppy are if the parents or any part of the pedigree had any of the following problems.  Breathing problems are a big condition with this breed.  They have a tendency to develop small windpipes; as well the breed seems to have a tendency to have poor eyesight.  The dog is very susceptible to temperature often suffering from heat stroke, and can be very sensitive to the cold due to its very short fur.  They do also have hip and knee problems.  The dogs do drool and snore and at times they can be overly gaseous in their digestion.  However, these are just general things to keep in mind about the breed.  Many people have found great companionship with their English bulldogs, and many English bulldog puppies are still some of the cutest puppies in the world.

Where Can I Get A Puppy?

When looking for English bulldog puppies there are many breeders.  It is always good to shop for a puppy from a breeder.  With breeders you can inspect and discuss the lineage of the dog.  There are many things a good breeder would like to go over with you in regards to the new home you are going to provide, and to make sure you are a good fit for the dog as well.  English bulldogs are considered to be lap dogs, and are great for anyone who wants a puppy that requires their pet to be adaptable to exercise and outings.  The English bulldog is definitely an indoor dog.  Now one other thing to keep in mind whilst searching for your English bulldog puppy is, that it is recommended by most breeders that an English bulldog not be your very first dog.  The main reason for this caution is because of the great courage and tenacity that the bulldog has, leads him to never complain.  The bulldog won’t whine for food or ask for things.  He rarely complains if he is sore or injured, so it is good to be an attentive dog owner and make sure your English bulldog is getting the appropriate food for his breed, and that his wrinkled face is constantly clean and washed so as to aid in keeping his eyes and airways free from infection, as you read earlier these areas can be problem areas for the bulldog.

You Are On Your Way

With your breed chosen and the choice of puppy being the English bulldog, you are in for at least 8 to 10 years of great bonding and canine companionship.  As a new owner of the bulldog breed you will learn why so many organizations and institutions have adopted the symbol of the bulldog to represent their strengths and compassion. The bulldog will etch his way into your heart as a canine no one can really appreciate except for an owner. As a returning owner to the English bulldog breed you already know the enjoyment that this rarely recognized breed can bring to a family and to one looking to add the affections of a great canine companion to their lives.  You are all on your way to many great years of friendship.

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