Keeping Your Dog Out of Trouble: Innotek’s FS-15

A happy dog that only wags its tail is always more pleasant than a dog that won’t stop barking. Barking can cause annoyance and even legal troubles, if it’s so loud and constant that the neighbors complain about it. What can a responsible dog loving owner do? Taking the dog to the veterinary isn’t a solution, unless the dog is using barking because it’s in pain or it has an illness. However, another very acceptable option is to use dog training devices.

It’s not easy to generalize dog training devices, as there are many models of training collars and other gadgets in the market. What’s more, differentiating one dog trainer brand from another was just as difficult, if not confusing. However, on a closer look, one dog trainer did catch the eye. The collar in question is FS-15.

Are the People Who Purchased the FS-15 Satisfied?

Yes, and one might even add that the dogs are quite happy too. Informal chats with several Innotek FS 15 users suggest that this dog trainer is highly effective for behavior training, irrespective of the size or breed of the dog. Also, people who have never trained dogs find that the collar is very simple to use and they have been able to train their dogs without professional help.

When questioned further as to whether there were other reasons for buying the Innotek’s FS-15, virtually all first-time users pointed to the feather-light and miniscule (pocket/keychain-fitting) size of its remote; the wide operational range; and the many new and useful features and benefits

Is the FS-15 Useful?

The short answer is yes. The FS-15 comes with a number of features that make it very practical to use. This also explains why the collar is so popular with people who have never trained dogs before.

Here is a list of the main features and fusnctions of the collar:

Operation requires only one button

Resistance to water

Effective 150-yard operational range

Sevel levels of correction

3 training tone options

The collar can withstand rough treatment from the dog

Collar status-indicating LED light. And many other benefits.

In the final analysis, the FS 15 dog trainer is indeed a smart and highly reliable device for anyone wishing to behavior-train their dog/s. The instructional DVD/manual, included in the package, is extremely helpful, as is the FREE, professional (hotline-aided) training and support provided by Innotek.

While there are many training collars in the market, the FS-15 is one of the best ones. That’s because the Innotek’s FS-15 is extremely effective and easy to use. It also has the support of a help hotline.

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