3 Raw Dog Food Recipes for the Loyal Dog

When you say the words “a raw meat diet for dogs” to a pet owner who is used to give their pets commercially store-bought dog foods, it often gives a shiver down their spines. That’s especially so if images of a choking dog because of a bone has been well-conditioned in their minds.

Well, at least that’s what my cousin tells me. He said that although he’s read of the benefits of giving a dog raw food - usually health benefits like him being less susceptible to getting allergies, cancer, joint problems (yes, dogs get arthritis too), dental/ear/eye ailments, obesity, poor skin and coat, etc. - it still didn’t sit well with him at first. But he claims that once you overcome that first step (read: giving your dog his first partial or full raw food meal), the rest will be relatively easy.

To help you out, here are some recipes he’s tried. (Actually, he got these from a friend of his who has been feeding his dog bones, vegetables and raw meat since time immemorial).

Basic Raw Dog Food Recipe

Ingredients: half a cup of raw meat (ground poultry, lamb, chicken, organ meats, etc.), half a cup of pureed vegetables (choose your own veggies), one-fourth cup of whole grains, a teaspoon of bone meal powder, one-fourth teaspoon ascorbic acid powder, one-fourth teaspoon of kelp powder, one-fourth teaspoon minced garlic, and 2 teaspoons of an oil mixture (11 oz. cold-pressed canola oil, 2 oz. wheat germ oil, 2 oz. flax seed oil - the remainder, you can keep for future use).

Procedure. Mix together. Serve.

Carrot, Nuts and Broccoli Recipe

Ingredients: 1 whole carrot (peeled and sliced into bite sized bits), 4 to 6 small spears of broccoli (also cut into bite-sized bits), 6 peanuts.

Procedure. After washing the vegetables thoroughly, mix and serve. This provides your dog his daily calcium, potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin C, fiber and protein needs.

Banana and Apple Recipe

Ingredients: 1 banana, one-half of an apple, 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese.

Procedure. Peel the banana; cut into small pieces. Take off the skin of the apple and slice into bite sized pieces. Add cottage cheese and mix together. Serve. (A variation would be to add some raw chicken slices in the mix.)

Raw dog food usually gives you some fulfillment as a pet owner. Imagine being able to give your dog warmth, love, shelter and now, a healthy diet that will give him a longer, happy life. What pet owner wouldn’t want that?

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