Uses of the Invisible Dog Fence

Most of us have met at least once dogs that ran away from their masters. A runner is a dog that got away from its confined area and now runs freely. They aren’t dangerous dogs; they only ran away to play and now they’re exposed to being accidentally hit by cars. We all want our dogs to have as much freedom as they possibly can, but don’t let your energetic canine companion become prey to the dangers of the outside world. There is an option now that gives your dog the illusion of complete freedom while keeping him or her completely confined and protected. This is the invisible dog fence.

All you have to do is install the fence system in the area of your choice; most of the times, the company that sold it to you will take care of this aspect. The collar produces warning sounds only when the dog gets closer to the limits of the area. If your pup doesn’t listen, the collar gives him or her a little shock that will tell your dog to get back into his or her designated fenced in area. This is one of the best training methods you can use to teach your dog not to run away anymore.

The major issue most people have with these fences is that they believe the shock the collar gives their dog is inhumane treatment. Yet, there is a great difference between the first versions of this device, invented back in 1971, and the modern invisible dog fence. The shocks administered by the dog collar are mild but annoying; they don’t hurt your dog, but draw its attention. Wearing such a collar is perfectly safe. Most versions of collars can have their shock intensity adjusted, according to the preferences of the dog owner. Compared to the experience of losing your pet in a car accident, it is much better to purchase such a mechanism.

It’s been many years now since dog owners have enjoyed the benefits of the invisible dog fences. Buying a dog fence is definitely worth the price, as you won’t have to worry about your dog running away again. Your dog will be happier than ever that you allow him or her to play and frolic in an open area where they can see everything around them. If you really want to help your pup, then getting an invisible dog fence for it is a small thing you can do. You won’t regret it.

Many dog owners believe that the invisible dog fence is dangerous for their pets. In reality, the new generations of dog fences are harmless. Make an informed decision about the utility of a invisible dog fence!

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