Safepet’s PRF-3004: The Best Way to Protect Your Dog

The PRF-3004 is an in ground radio fence that comes with 500 feet boundary wire and 50 training flags. Training of your pet with our PRF-3004 is no longer a hassle. Not only the PRF-3004 comes with a nylon collar strap, but it can be expanded if you have a large property or area

The top of our Petsafe PRF-3004 is the receiver unit placed in the collar, since it’s very light and resistant to water and any type of weather. In addition, it is very easy to use and set within minutes, and there are even tips that you can find online in case of trouble. In fact, online information can be very handy when it comes to solving minor problems, such as installation, battery change, etc. PUL-275, one of the assorted collars can be purchased separately and can be fitted into the PRF-3004 pet containment system to lull your stubborn pet easily.

Operated using an RFA-67 battery unit, the system comes with a test light indicator that proves to be utile in trouble shooting. The collar that is included in the PRF-3004 in ground radio fence system is compatible with any other containment system from Petsafe.

The success of the PRF-3004 relies on the top quality and convenience of the product, the installation and the training that it provides for dogs. Of course, the main reason why the product is successful is that it delivers clear and effective results.

Tips on Training Pets with PRF-3004 Fencing System

Always take some time to sit down and draw the desired perimeter rather than just go and do it on an impulse. The flags will serve to help your dog visualize the boundary. With a leash, spend some days with your dog walking close to the perimeter so he can memorize it, and whenever it comes close to it, make him come back by offering a treat.

Only after this, you can turn on the invisible fence, and you can bring your dog close to the perimeter and pull it back whenever you hear the warning tone. That way, your dog will learn to pull back on its own whenever it hears the warning tone.

Remember to be constant in training sessions so that your dog can learn how to identify and avoid the invisible fence by itself. Click on one of the links to see some training videos on how to properly train your dog to use an invisible fence.

The PRF-3004 is one of the best ways to keep your dog out of danger. It’s customazible and can be expanded if you have larger needs. Click on the links to see some videos about the Petsafe PRF-3004.

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