Invisible Dog Fence


Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or a first time dog owner, you have probably come across a runner before. What do we mean when saying runner dogs? Most people understand through runners the dogs that cannot be kept into their confined areas, as they enjoy escaping and roaming about all the town. If it happens that you have one of these runner dogs, you surely know that he or she is not willing to do any harm to either humans or animals, having just these huge curiosity and desire to playing and running free. We all are concerned about the risks our energetic companions can encounter in the outside world, though we also want them to feel free and have the possibility of acting as free as it can be. You can today confine your dog in your yard or another place were he or she will be protected and secured while having the illusion of complete freedom of action. This option is best known as the invisible dog fence.

These fences work through the installation of sensors around the area you want to allow your dog to play in and a special collar that is placed around your furry friend’s neck. The sensors, of course, will sense the dog approaching, and will trigger the collar to issue a warning beep when the dog is too close to the boundary. If your dog ignores the warning beep and keeps moving towards the sensors’ line, the collar will issue an electric shock that, though mild and short, will tell him to back off. Usually, the dogs learn to stop at the warning beep after two or three shocks, but yours might be so smart to roam around for hours without starting even a beep.

The major issue most people have with these fences is that they believe the shock the collar gives their dog is inhumane treatment. The invisible dog fence has been improved drastically, since his first apparition in 1971. The shock given to your canine companion is little more than the same static shock you can get from rubbing your feet on carpet with socks on and then touching a metallic object. It’s not at all harmfull, it’s just startling your pet. The collars are provided with a shock setting, so the owner can adjust its intensity, and he or she are also encouraged to test the collar on themselves before they put it on the dogs’ neck. Letting your dog wandering unsurveilled and exposed to different risks seems less humane than these shocks.

The invisible fences proved to be of great use for many dogs and dog owners. The safety of the dog is worth the cost of this fence, that is far less than the cost of a traditional one. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy your happy dog playing and roaming around as free in a wide open space. You’ll do a favor to your dog buying for him an invisible fence. You won’t regret it.

We just need to use an invisible dog fence. Dogs learn to stop at the warning beep after two or three shocks. The invisible dog fence has been improved since his first apparition in 1971.



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