Dog Containment Systems Keep Dogs From Wandering

Most of the dog owners who are concerned about the safety of their dogs use dog containment systems to fence their yards where the dogs are allowed to stay. These electronic systems work on the basis of the negative reinforcement training method; the transmitter placed inside the house sends a radio signal to the collar around the neck of the dog, and the collar issues aversive stimuli, like a beep of warning or a mild and painless electric shock. This happens when the dog attempts to cross the invisible boundary set up around the desired containment area.

The aversive stimuli make the dog feeling uncomfortable while it attempts to cross the invisible boundary and it will learn very fast to avoid these unpleasant sensations by simply stopping at the warning beep.

As millions of pet containment systems have already been sold in the whole world, millions of dog owners benefit of their results. Following we present some of these benefits:

• The dogs are better protected against various mishaps, like road accidents or animal run-ins that can happen when they are outside the safe area. This way you can avoid all the consequences of such accidents. This is possible for two reasons. First, you will be alerted to the dog’s attempt to cross the line because of the large beep emitted by the collar, which can give you sufficient time to issue a verbal command or run after the dog or both.

Secondly, the dog itself will be amazed by the warning beep and interrupted in its activity. If it continues, the electric shock follows and it will surely dislike the feeling and stop. This will keep your dog out of the way of cars passing on the road or of other animals wandering around. You must train your dog to come inside the house when the beep sounds or when the shock delivers its mild force.

• The electric shock produces a disagreeable sensation that the dog will really soon associate with its improper behavior. You can adjust the level of shock that will be delivered to your dog depending on its size, its temperament and the general circumstances surrounding the attempt to cross.

Along the training, your dog will require fewer electric shocks and of lesser intensity. Over a period of time, when the dog got used to stop at the warning beep, you can set the minimum intensity of the electric shock, just to remember the dog it behaves badly.

• You will save all the time, money and effort required to build a material fence. You will also avoid spending on the maintenance and the additional real estate taxes required by the physical fences.

You don’t need another system for another safe containment place, just move the transmitter on the center of the new containment area and install the sensors on its borders. After you have delimited the area where you want your dog to be contained, by placing the proximity sensors in some points of its borders, all you need to do is to set ON the transmitter of the dog containment system.

Dogs are less exposed to various risks and have less possibilities of producing damages to people, animals or properties if their owners use dog containment systems.

Dog owners concerned about the safety of their dogs use dog containment systems. The dog is protected in two ways. Dogs are less exposed to various risks with dog containment systems.



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