Advantages of the IUC-4100

IUC-4100 is an UltraSmart® in ground pet fencing system that proves to be a viable and a practical elixir to contain dogs within defined boundaries. Among its many features, it has a Ready Test mode that will let you know when the system is ready to be put into operation Being equipped with the Run-Through Protection mechanism, this innovative collar provides 3 levels of containment stimulus to your pet when he/she tries to out of the boundary that you had defined.

The IUC-4100 includes 500 feet of boundary wire (approximately 150 meters) and 50 training flags. If you want to cover a bigger area, you can buy additional wire and flags. The collars included in Innotek’s IUC-4100 are satin-like, and weight very little; they also work with small lithium batteries that can be recharged when they run out of power.

The full-time back-up battery that is provided with every purchase of the Innotek IUC-4100, aids in containing the pet even at times of power failure. To top it off, the collar includes a battery level indicator and an automatic systems check that will confirm that the collar is in working conditions. Being water proof, the IUC-4100 comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is very much compatible with Innotek In-Door Zones ZND-1000.

In addition to the IUC-4100 system, your purchase includes a couple of splicers, probes and a DVD with instructions. The DVD is specially useful in teaching you how to use the system to train your dog.

Advantages of the IUC-4100

Your pet can be flexibly contained within customized boundary limits. The boundary wire is UV protected and long lasting. The teachings of the DVD will avoid having to hire a trainer for the dog. The collar is comfortable, light-weighted and comes with a snug-fit indicator that informs the need about possible adjustments to be made. The system has been designed to be easy to use. Finally, you can select the best level of correction out of many available.

The IUC-4100 is a great system for extablishing limits to your pet’s movements. You can make the system as big as you want with additional expansions. The Innotek IUC-4100comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

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