Can Bark Collars Prevent a Dog From Barking?

I wish I knew how to prevent my neighbor’s dog from barking when it was really loud. They would leave the screen door to their deck open while they were gone to work and wherever else for hours on end. They used to have two loud dogs that wouldn’t stop barking. Noise complaint after noise complaint was filed but nothing was ever done about the problem. Our neighborhood became filled with more and more cranky neighbors as we were all getting less sleep than required for starters, and the constant barking was simply annoying and gave us headaches while wearing on our nerves.

I perfectly understand that dogs should bark in certain situations. After all, that’s a dog’s job, to bark when needed. It is understandable when the dog barks because it feels lonely, abandoned, it is left outside the courtyard by mistake, or it is hungry or thirsty. Or it can bark when something catches its attention. Not all people realize that giving the dog rewards when it barks, such as a good treat or special attention, will only make it bark louder and more often, rather than calm it down. In reality, it is showing the dogs that this is a good behavior and that if they want more attention, all they need to do is to continue barking more.

Leaving a dog outside all day is about the worst idea ever. It will get frustrated and bored and will start making a lot of noise, which is very likely to drive your neighbors crazy. Also, it can suffer when it gets cold or too hot outside. Some dogs are held in crates while their owners are away, but they shouldn’t be kept there for more than four hours at a time. One of the things you could do is keep it indoors, yet offer it a view on the outside of the house or apartment; it should have a space of its own where it can feel relaxed. Don’t forget to also create his own little bathroom area in the farthest part of that room using a dog litter tray, piles of newspapers or better yet, a little doggie door in which he can do his business outside within a fenced in area of course.

All this might not be enough for your dog to stop barking all the time. If this is the situation, then you should probably think of buying it a special bark collar. If it is a neighbor’s dog, the best way to start out would be to write them a firm but decent letter that you may want to consider typing and sending anonymously. Your neighbor probably doesn’t even realise that his dog annoys everyone while he is gone. If your neighbor ignores your letter, you might send him a second one or talk to him face to face and recommend that he should buy his dog a bark collar.  

If dogs are loud all the time, then you should do something about it. If barking turns becomes a constant habit for your neighbor’s dog, suggest him to buy his dog a bark collar. If you want to read more about how you could solve the barking problems with a bark collar, click on this link.



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