August 27, 2008

Georgia Bulldogs 2008 Pump Up Video

My first was not good so I made another.
Song is Saliva - Your Disease

Duration : 0:4:22

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August 27, 2008

ugadawgs1990 @ 9:02 am

It is going to be a …
It is going to be a great year. Defense is stout. Offense is loaded. Team is deep, and the other teams fear the Dawgs. Only one more week to go… Go Dawgs!

jackup29 @ 9:02 am

awesome vid.can u …
awesome vid.can u dawg fans imagine that freak moreno returning punts?watch out nation-theres a mean machine in red and black coming down the track thats going to mow down anyone in its way!go dawgs!

becca491 @ 9:02 am



great video!

Gonna be a great season….


Bossdog05 @ 9:02 am

I maybe from the SC …
I maybe from the SC which is gamecock country, but I support the Georgia Bulldogs all the way! GO BULLDOGS!

dawgfan24347 @ 9:02 am

wow 10,000 views …
wow 10,000 views never thought it would happen this soon

dawgsin08 @ 9:02 am

nice job knowshon …
nice job knowshon for heisman!!

Beugs9 @ 9:02 am

wow that gave me …
wow that gave me chills

RedStripeDawg @ 9:02 am

Song is "Your …
Song is "Your Disease" by Saliva.

mc2005mc @ 9:02 am

Yeah Baby that gets …
Yeah Baby that gets me pumped up not much longer till kickoff

Fgators15 @ 9:02 am

whats the name for …
whats the name for the song? great vid also

halsteadholly @ 9:02 am

I want to say that …
I want to say that was awesome and I will miss uga the 6. From your friend halsteadholly.

UGAfan012 @ 9:02 am

Dawgs will win the …
Dawgs will win the National Championship 08'

Jolemama @ 9:02 am

awesome video… GO …
awesome video… GO DAWGS 2008!

eric89gta @ 9:02 am

GO DAWGS !!!!!!
GO DAWGS !!!!!!

spitberger @ 9:02 am

this is one of the …
this is one of the best videos i've seen on youtube and im not kidding great vid 5 stars

big61country @ 9:02 am

u just got favorited
u just got favorited

a469997 @ 9:02 am

great song! great …
great song! great video! GO DAWGS 08!!!!


sadlerdawg @ 9:02 am

Great video.
Great video.

rdf8403 @ 9:02 am

hell yea i like …
yea i like this. amazing choice for a song to

UGAFAN954 @ 9:02 am

thats awesome
you …

thats awesome
you will be missed Uga.

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