Types Of Bulldogs

All over the world, there about 4 major type of bulldogs that have been recognized for many years. These types of bulldog are the Alapaha blue blood bulldog, the American bulldog, the Aussie Bulldog, the Banter bulldog, the Bulldoque campeiro, the Catahoula bulldog, the Dorset olde Tyme Bulldog, the French bulldog, the Cade Bou, the Olde English Bulldog, the Victorian Bulldog, the Valley bulldog, the English bulldog and the old Boston bulldog.

These different types of bulldog came from the cross-breeding of the bulldog with other breeds and giving it a different appearances and characteristics. However, although the different types of bulldogs may have some distinct characteristics on its own, they all share the basic characteristics and appearance of the bulldog. Bulldogs of all types have that large head, strong square built with shorted muzzle. Bulldogs also have that characteristic stern and brooding appearance that always make them appear to be ferocious.

Some Types Of Bulldogs That You Might Want To Consider

As there are many types of bulldogs all over the world, you should always make it a point to study each type before you decide to get it. One of the most popular bulldogs is the American bulldog, which can be found in most areas of the United States. The American bulldog has a powerful built, medium-large size and with muscular strength. The American bulldog is well suited as a guard dog as it is very protective towards the family. It is also very tolerant towards children and has a rather even temperament. However, an American bulldog is not really very good as an alert dog as it has the tendency not to give any warnings when it is about to attack intruders.

The Catahoula bulldog is one of the best types of bulldogs around. This dog have been a cross breed between the American Bulldog and the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog. If you are looking for a very intelligent bulldog that you can train for hunting, the Catahoula bulldog is the best choice for you. This dog has great stamina and intelligence that makes is a very good companion when you go out hunting or having adventures in the woods. As this type of bulldog is trained and breed for working, the Catahoula bulldog will not really thrive well in a confined environment.

When it comes to vet dominant bulldogs, the Valley Bulldog is definitely one of the standouts. The Valley Bulldog generally has an even temperament but it can also be very stubborn. It will take a dominant master to control this type of bulldog.

On the other hand, if you want have a very unique type of bulldog, you should get an Alapaha Blue blood bulldog. The Alapaha blue blood bulldog is extreme rare that experts believe that there are only about 120 true Alapaha Blue Blood in the world today. Unfortunately, since this type of bulldog is extreme rare, the price of its puppies are also very expensive.

Something you may not have considered is a Miniature bulldog. The same wonderful breed, only smaller. Here’s more info about the Mini Bulldog.

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