Grooming Your Bulldog

Part of bulldog care is bulldog grooming. When it comes to bulldog grooming as part of your bulldog care program, you will need some equipment to carry on the task. First, if you plan to give your bulldog a bath yourself, you should make sure that you have some mind shampoo, cotton balls, some mineral oil or eye ointment, Q-lips, wash clothe and towel.

You can bathe your bulldog puppy on a deep sink but when it comes to grown bulldogs, it would be a good idea to do the bathing outdoors. Note that bathing adult bulldogs could be very messy. Like all types of dogs, bulldogs love to dribble water around when bathing that it is not really a good idea to bath your grown bulldog inside the bathroom. You could end up with a really wet house if you try to bath the bulldog inside the bathroom.

Cleaning Up The Face Of Your Bulldog

As part of your bulldog care program, you should wash the face of your bulldog daily. Even if you do not bath your bulldog everyday, it is always ideal to clean up the face of your bulldog daily to avoid irritations in the folds of the skin. Note that when it comes to bulldog care, you should not take chances. When washing the face of your bulldog, you may use a wet washcloth or those soft baby wipes. Wash the face thoroughly and then pat it dry with a towel. Do not rub the face of the bulldog with a towel as it may chaff the skin on the face.

When you have finished cleaning the face of your bulldog with a washcloth or baby wipes, you should now apply some power on the folds of the skin. Good bulldog care dictates that you should always try to prevent irritations in the folds of the skin thus the need to put some powder on it. You should also pay close attention to the deep folds near the nose of the bulldog, as this area is prone to irritations.

Clipping The Nails Of Your Bulldog And Brushing Its Coat

Another thing that you should do as part of bulldog care is to cut the nails of your dog. Long nails could actually cause some accidents on your dog. There have been a lot of cases where dogs with long nails get their long nails entangled on something and the nail gets pull out of its socket. Incidents like these are very traumatic on your bulldog so make sure that you get a good nail clipper and clip the nails off at least once every two weeks.

When it comes to brushing the hair of your bulldog, you can do this at least once a week. Bulldogs are not really one of those dogs that shed their coats fast so you can brush once a week as part of your bulldog care program.

When grooming your bulldog, make sure that you get what you need to groom your bulldog so that you will not run in the middle of the grooming process to find some supplies.

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