Bulldog for Sale - Are You Ready to be an Owner?

There are many people who jump into the title of ‘dog owner’ without counting the costs of ownership beforehand.  This is why so many dogs will end up in rescue missions after a couple of years when the newness of having a puppy wears off.  There are many things to consider when choosing a breed of dog, such as how much energy they have and what their need is for exercise, whether they are a strong willed dog or not, and whether they like to be with people the majority of the time or not.  All of these considerations must be taken into account so that the individual can decide whether he has the time and energy required to raise a dog for the next six to sixteen years.


Bulldogs are a popular breed of dogs for sale.  Bulldogs come for sale in three different categories, although some might argue that there are more than that.  There is the traditional English bulldog which is short and stocky, the typical picture of a bulldog as seen in the media.  This type has the droopy eyes and jowls and tends to slobber.  Its body sits very close to the ground and it is not very agile.  As such, this type of bulldog for sale does not require as much exercise as the other breeds, which is more ideal for a person without a yard of in an apartment complex type of living situation.  It is also ideal for those who might have physical limitations themselves so that they cannot move as quickly or go for long walks.  The coat of the English bulldog is short which is also easy to maintain for owners.  The English bulldog is strong willed and needs a firm hand in the home to establish the top dog position so that the dog does not take that position.  This type of bulldog also needs to be socialized with other dogs so that it does not take an aggressive stance when other dogs are around.

Another type of bulldog for sale is the American bulldog.  This type of bulldog for sale is taller than the English bulldog and is much more agile.  This type of bulldog needs more exercise than the English bulldog and is very strong willed, needing a firm hand in an owner, like the English bulldog.  The American bulldog needs to be able to go on long walks with the owner and does better if it has a larger yard to play in and get exercise on its own as well as the walks.  The American bulldog is playful and good around children, so it makes a good family dog.  However, if the American bulldog is not properly socialized with other dogs, like the English bulldog, it will get aggressive towards the other dogs which can be dangerous.  In addition, if the American bulldog is not properly exercised, it can become destructive and restless, not obeying as well and unruly in the home.  This type of bulldog is not as good in a small environment such as an apartment but does better in a medium to large sized home with a fenced yard.

Another type of bulldog for sale is the French bulldog.  This type of bulldog for sale is considered a lap dog in some circles since it only weighs about twenty to thirty pounds when full grown.  This type of bulldog is not as popular for sale in the Americas, but can still be found in some breeders.  The French bulldog sits fairly low to the ground too but has a body shape that is similar to the American bulldog, only smaller.  The temperament of the French bulldog is similar to the other two types, needing a firm and consistent hand in an owner.

When searching for a bulldog sale, individuals should check out the reputation of the breeders before buying the puppy.  The breeder should be registered with the AKC so that it has to follow certain standards in breeding.  If the owner desires to show the puppy once it is grown, he should check on the champion bloodlines of the dogs that the breeder has.  This will help to ensure that the puppy will have the champion characteristics that will be valuable in showing it in the future.

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