General Bulldog Care

General bulldog care is not really difficult. When it comes general dog care, the bulldog is one those types that do not really require a lot of care. First, the bulldog puppy have very short glossy hair so it will really be very difficult to take care of its coat unlike when you have a type of dog that have lots of hair and susceptible to tick and fleas infestation in their coats. However, when it comes to bulldog care, there are some things that you would really need spend some special attention to. Note that bulldog have folds on its skin which get irritated every now and then if you fail to pay attention to it.

To avoid sore wrinkles on your bulldog pup, you must wash the face of your bulldog daily, including the deep folds of its skin. You may use either a soft cloth with water to some unscented baby wipes to wash the face of your dog. Washing the face of your bulldog could be daily bulldog care routine so make sure that you do not skip this or else your bulldog pup will develop some irritations on the folds of its skin. After washing the face of your bulldog pup, dry off its face thoroughly with a soft towel. Do not rub the face but rather pat it gently until it dries off. You must understand that when it comes to bulldog care, you should be very gentle as if you are dealing with a human baby.

Apply MSM cream to the folds of the face of you bulldog pup. Take extra care when you apply the MSM cream to the nose roll since in most bulldogs, this place could have vet deep folds and is prone to irritations.

Giving Your Bulldog Pup A Bath As Part Of General Bulldog Care

Giving your bulldog a bath is very important. Note that when it comes to bulldog care, keeping your bulldog is one of the strict rules. You bulldog is not tolerant to head and it will have difficult breathing if the weather is very hot. Bathing your bulldog regularly will help make it more comfortable. When bathing your bulldog pup, you should have the following materials ready; shampoo, cotton balls, Q-lips, Vaseline, mineral oil or eye ointment, a washcloth and a towel. You can bathe you bulldog pup on a deep sink or outdoors if you like.

Giving Your Bulldog Good Food And Exercise

Exercising your bulldog is not much of a problem. This type of dog requires only medium exercise since they could exercise be out of breath with too much exertion. When it comes to food, part of general bulldog care is giving your dog right types of food. If you are not sure which types of food are suitable for your bulldog, you should ask the breeder for recommendations and guidance. It is the duty of the breeder to help you when it comes to general bulldog care so does not hesitate to ask if you need some information. Most breeders are also very keen to know how their pup is doing so you don’t really have to worry, breeders are very eager to teach you general bulldog care and help you with whatever health concerns facing the bulldog.

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