Why Do Bulldogs Snore?

There are three basic reasons why bulldogs snore. Bulldogs, as the name suggest, were bred for fighting bulls. They needed a short, turned-up nose to be able grab the bull with their teeth and continue to hang on for as long as it took to subdue the bull, while still being able to breath. Winston Churchill mentioned this in one of his speeches, in which he spurred the British people to hang on like bulldogs. The short nose can cause breathing problems, and snoring and snorting can result. Bulldogs also have what is called a brachiocephalic head. This means that they have a short face, and, like all dogs with brachiocephalic heads, they can have trouble breathing, again resulting in snorting and snoring. Brachiocephalic dog breeds frequently have difficulties dealing with hot weather or too much activity, and can collapse from walking or running outdoors in hot weather. If your bulldog begins to wheeze or snort during hot weather, it is best to take him or her inside and turn on the air conditioning. Bulldogs can also have laryngeal edema, meaning swelling in their throats, which can cause snoring as well. If your bulldog’s snoring is loud enough to be alarming, or if it faints after exercise in hot weather, a trip to the veterinarian might be a good idea.

Surgery is available to open the dog’s airway and make it easier for her or him to breath. Because of their short faces, brachiocephalic dogs can have what is called redundant tissue in their soft palates. This means that their throats can have blockages that keep air from moving freely. Removing the redundant tissue can make it easier for the bulldog to breath. Another procedure veterinarians can perform is to open up the passages in the nose so that air moves through the nose more easily. Medications can also be given to aid breathing. Bulldog clubs can help you to locate veterinary surgeons experienced in dealing with bulldogs and their special health problems.

If you do not want such a radical cure, and are unable to sleep with the snoring, consider having your bulldog sleep in another room. If you have children who are sound sleepers they might be happy to sleep with the family pet in their rooms, and bulldogs are generally good with children. If a child’s room is not an option, try having your bulldog sleep out in the living room with his bed and toys. If that plan fails, there are always earplugs. Most people who have bulldogs, however, say that they do not mind the snoring, because this friendly, lovable dog has won their hearts, and the snoring just reminds families that their beloved pets are near.

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