What Is a Little Dog Nano No-Bark Collar?

The PBC00-10782 it’s a no-bark training collar that incorporates nano technology in its design so that it releases a small static charge whenever it detects the vibrations produced by a dog’s barking. Being a perfect fit for small breeds, this innovative no bark collar offers a ‘Temperament Learning’ mode that automatically adjusts the correction level based on the dog’s temperament.

This advanced technology allows the collar to correct the dog only when it barks. In addition, there is a tracking system built in the collar, which lets you know how many corrections your dog needs before it corrects its behavior and reduces its barking to a non-excessive level. Being built for small or toy breeds, the collar is very small and light, and it has a couple of lights that indicate whether the battery is charged or low.

This little dog nano no-bark collar offers 10 correction levels and is waterproof which in turn makes it more flexible and long lasting. In addition, the PBC00-10782 bark control collar comes with an identification tag, an RFA-188 battery, and an operating guide, of course. This small guide is very useful, and it will teach even new owners how to use the collar to train their dogs effectively. Another benefit worth mentioning of the PBC-00-10782 is the liminted warranty that is included with the purchase.

If you decide to use the PBC00-10782, make sure that it fits your dog in a comfortable way and that it doesn’t hurt its skin. However, take into account that this kind of training no bark collars should only be used at times where barking is inappropriate. PBC00-10782 collar can be worn on the dog for around 8-12 hours timeframe within a 24 hour period.

Benefits of the little dog nano no-bark collar

The number of correction levels and the automatic adjustment of the PBC00-10782 make this collar a great tool for training dogs with different personalities. Also, the PBC00-10782 is very durable and it weights very little. The collar can tell the difference between barking and other noises, thanks to its internal mechanism. External interferences do not interrupt and induce random corrections.

Our company’s PBC00-10782 is a great training collar designed for small breeds. It’s very light and resistant to water and use. We also guarantee our company’s little dog nano no-bark collar.

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